M40 F28

When opportunity knocks

November 21 2023

I had been dating a short, gorgeous italian woman with large intoxicating eyes and thick lips that lit up the night sky when she smiled. She had mad swag and a sexual confidence that many found intimidating but her most notable feature was her perfectly round arse which for her height, was verging on disproportionate. Even in relatively modest clothing a simple stroll down to the shops had heads turning. She was well aware of the attention, how could she not be?! And told me it had been that way since her teens. I loved her intensely but it didn't work out and after a year or so we broke up. We still loved each other and continued to fuck and hang out, and even after her new boyfriend moved in to her house it was well understood I came first. Th three of us went oo shopping together once and while he was browsing we fucked in the change rooms. I saw her go in and followed immediately demanding she pull down her panties and bend over in front of the mirror. The place was packed and all the cubicles around us were full so I covered her mouth and started fingerijg her arse. Soon she was rubbing her clit and her muffled groans were getting louder so I grabbed her by the throat and said " I thought I told you to shut up!" She looked up at me with those large gorgeous eyes as if asking for forgiveness and I pulled down my pants and stuffed my large cock deep into her mouth and left it there til the tears came. To her credit she never bike eye contact and I fucked her mouth, switching my gaze from her leaking eyes to her perfect arse in the reflection before cumming in her mouth in no time all. It was intense and amazing and we walked out the change rooms with her boyfriend still browsing for shirts both leaking from multiple body parts.

Not long after that we all went out to the city and her and her new man went home early. I sometimes stayed in the back room of her share house and came back later that night with a mutual friend of ours who joined me there. The room was connected to the toilet and not long after we started fucking someone came in. It was my ex who said she could had got up to oiss and could hear us through the walls. She asked if she could join in and immediately took control of her friend, grabbing her hair and pushing her to the ground. She told her she wanted to watch me fuck her from behind and this really got our friend wet and horny. My ex then pushed our friend aside and started sucking my dick saying she always wanted to taste another girls cunt on my cock. Our friend was a bit taken back at first but then came to join in the blowjob. It was the best blowjob I ever got with both girls trying to outdo each other with dirty talk and spitting and begging me to cum on their faces. When I did cum they spat and rubbed it all over each other faces. My ex then just got up and stated she was going back to bed and off she went! Back to snuggle with bf. Me and our friend started again after a bit and all three of us had sex together multiple times in the coming months but nothing topped that experience for me. And nothing probably will.