What a way to start the day

December 27 2022

The sun wasn’t even up and by chance we were both awake.

We were messaging each other and he asked me to take a trip to meet him. He wanted to fuck me……his MILF. We were both horny.

It wasn’t our first encounter but this time was different. We drove to a public place, we walked a distance and found a secluded spot amongst the shrubs and rocks. The backdrop was the ocean, it was truly magnificent. By now the sun was up.

We sat on the blanket and kissed a while.

He took no time in lifting my skirt up and found that my pussy was wet and eager for his touch. I reached for his cock, it was hard.

I closed my eyes and basked in the morning sun and moaned as his fingers entered my pussy. He fingered me until I squirted.

He then teased me with his cock and slowly entered inside me. It felt so good, his hard young throbbing cock inside my juicy pussy. It was only for a short time and he went back to fingering me, admiring my pussy at the same time and delighting in making me squirt once again.

He told me to suck his cock, I obliged.

I put my lips around his hard member and took it in my mouth.

He grabbed my head and guided it down my throat. I loved knowing it was so pleasurable to him.

He wanted to cum in that moment but he wanted to feel my warm wet pussy again.

He turned me over and put his throbbing cock inside me. He smacked my arse and fucked me hard. I didn’t want that moment to stop, the feeling of him inside me.

He pounded my pussy and starting cumming. He pulled out and I managed to turn around and take some of his load in my mouth. He tasted so good, I liked tasting him, his cum. We both smiled, fell to the ground and took in the greatness of the beautiful landscape and what pleasure two people can share when they come together.

We rested a little while and made our way back only to head off on our seperate ways.






  • NewScene23

    19 Jan 2023

    What an amazing story. Would love to do this one day 😊. Would love to chat 🤤

  • jackont54

    30 Dec 2022

    Nice bit of morning glory by the beach. Room for more?

  • Leisure69

    28 Dec 2022

    What a fabulous story!

  • secretservicedom

    28 Dec 2022

    Love these kinds of encounters

  • welfedunlovd

    28 Dec 2022

    Nice beach sex is best sex!!

  • MFCoupleKeen4fun

    28 Dec 2022

    What a great story

  • FoxKnots

    28 Dec 2022

    What a lovely experience! A beautiful morning, out in nature. Thanks for sharing