Welcome back

June 27 2021

My phone vibrates, I’ve received a text Message from an unknown number! The number looks familiar but I’m not quite sure. The msg doesn’t say a lot. Just a hotel name room number and an instruction to not wear any underwear.

As soon as I read the message again, I know who it was from. I instantly get wet, my pussy starts to ache and my hands begin to shake...I was told years ago I would receive a text one day and I’m to do exactly as it states.

I immediately get undressed and get into the shower. I knew I had to be clean an shaven. As I’m washing the soap over my breasts, my nipples begin to get hard. The thrill and excitement is intensifying!!

Shower finished, I dry off. I do my hair, make up and put on that black dress that I know he loved minus the underwear!

Sitting in the Uber, almost at the hotel, driving through the city with its beautiful lights. I can’t help but feel wet again, the nerves and excitement are almost unbearable.

I arrive at the hotel with a gentleman from concierge opening my car door. I step out with one leg and place my heel on the ground. As I do, the side of my dress moves up and exposes my naked pussy. My eyes lock with the gentleman as I try to cover myself knowing full well he would’ve just seen me. He smirks and takes my hand to help me out of the car. I place my hand in his hoping that my palms aren’t too sweaty from the nerves and the fact that I just showed some stranger my intimate area. I gather myself and as I start to enter the hotel, I hear “have a wonderful evening miss!” I turn to thank him and I’m greeted with a wink and a smile.

I enter the hotel lobby and explain that I’m here to see the person in room 1436. The lady behind the counter says “he’s waiting for you, go straight up!”

As I walk to the elevator, I try not to trip in my heels or blush too much as I know it will give myself away.

The lift stops at the 66th floor. I get out and walk to the room. The hall way is lightly lit and I can just make out the numbers. I knock on the door, as I do it slowly moves open. My heart is pounding, my knees are shaking, my breathing has become rapid! Do I step through the door????

I slowly make my way in and notice there’s no lights on. I start to feel nervous, but a voice calls to me.

I instantly recognise the voice, The firm, well mannered tone I know, directs me to move to doors that lead out to the balcony. I comply, moving forward, I can still feel my body shaking, trembling from the excitement! Once in front of the doors, I’m instructed to remove my dress and kneel on the floor! I start to take off my dress with my shaking hands. As I do, I try to look over my shoulder at the voice but I can’t see anything!

I kneel on the floor as instructed, waiting patiently for the next instruction. Then, from nowhere, I feel his breath on my neck. My body begins to shake again and I can feel my pussy aching to be touched.

I then hear the words “Welcome back”