Visitor in the night, part 2

December 05 2023

After you finish shivering and can stand back up, I pick you up and carry you to the couch where I sit down and then ask you to stand behind me and slide yourself forward over the back of the couch so your mouth can work it magic on my cock again, tasting the results of your thunderous orgasm and I can clean up all your yummy juices you exploded down your inner thighs earlier!


Time to slow things down a little, so I tell you to lie on your back on the armrest of your couch parting your legs, i stand between you and slowly lower myself back into you.

Slowly the tip enters and we kiss, lips locked like star crossed lovers.


I lean in to kiss your neck as I push in deeper, I can feel your hands grasp my arse wanting me to go deeper.

We rock on the arm of the couch as I’m at full extension and deep inside you, nice and slow this time, enjoying the strokes together.

But you’re wanting me to cum so tell me to stand up.

Once again you take me in your mouth, your mouth fucking my cock rapidly.


You suck on the knob making me weak at the knees, but I want to cum inside you.

So I put my hand under your chin and with my other hand request you stand up, I reach down with both hands and grab your arse lifting you into the air.

You wrap your arms around my neck as you know it’s time to be upstanding citizens as I lower you down onto my cock.


Now it’s time to really get it on, plenty of friction, my shaft being deep inside you, your clit rubbing up against me, my hands firmly planted under your arse.

Time to get a sweat up and bounce on my cock baby!


You raise yourself up and down, up and down, slowly at the beginning and then faster and faster.

My cock is throbbing, I can feel the momentum building, I’m going to cum shortly, so I lean you back and pump your pussy, smack, smack, smack goes your arse cheeks against my thighs.

“I’m gunna cum”

“Go lover, blow”

Here we go, wowsers as unleash a huge wad of my seed inside you.

Collapse on the couch as my knees go weak!


You hop off me and grab your phone wanting me to take a video so you can rewatch over and over as my cream dribbles from inside you, then you spin around drop to your knees and open your mouth so you can clean me off and taste my love juices!

Time for a shower and then the next instalment! 😉