Unexpected outcome

January 06 2023

Always a bot of a workaholic does lend itself to a few benefits I have discovered recently, working for a privately owned company for a few years and working hard within it did open some extra dialogue with my Boss after having shared the office after work regularly when others had clocked off - Was a few Months into a new project and working back I asked my Boss if any issues at home him being late regularly, “No” he Said - “she understands what we are building here, but it also makes it great when we celebrate the wins” he said laughing - I had seen his wife in the office a few times and she was always smiling and a very sexy lady…. I had noticed regularly…. It was a Wednesday evening and was close to 7 when he asked if I needed something to eat as his wife was bringing some food into the office for him - “I’ll share yours…” I said - “ Of course you would “ he said with a grin - It was then he told me she had asked my situation a few times and he had told her I was single, he explained she has an appetite but needed to be discreet and not compromise work.

She arrived not long after we shared some further details - dressed in a Holter top and skirt, her breasts tucked neatly in but also showing enough for me to stare for a short while - she placed the food in the staff Kitchen then came to sit and chat while He washed up…. Her phone buzzed with a text - she read it and smiled then politely told me her husband will be eating alone for a while and we could chat…. “So he has told you I like to Play has he?”- I smiled but obviously blushed as she remarked my face had gone red - “It’s ok - he may come in later but for now its just us” she leant across and allowed me to kiss her, she did not waste time her hand sliding along my leg and feeling my already bulging cock in my pants - “yes that’s the way” she laughed and said while pressing her fingers against it - “you can drop my top I promise its ok” - I leant across and unbuttoned it at the back and it dropped revealing amazing breasts and large brown nipples that have obviously enjoyed the sun regularly - I quickly placed my hand across her breast and now erect nipple - “ Take it out for me I like to watch you first” - I obliged and stood, undid my work pants and exposed my now hard cock - she placed her hands cupping my balls - “Play with it for me “ she said with a wry grin - I obliged - sensing we were now not alone I dare not look at the door but knew he was there watching - she leant forward and circled the head of my cock with her tongue while I fiddled her now exposed breasts ….. closing my eyes and letting my presumed flow I could now sense he was close and when I opened my eyes he was behind her with his hands underneath her skirt running his fingers across her pussy… she now took me completely in her mouth and slowly rocked back and forth obviously enjoying the fingers of her husband and the hardness in her mouth - she paused and looked up smiling - I looked at my boss and he was in his own world watching his wife suck my cock - she stood and kissed me deeply, taking my hand she placed it between her legs and I felt the warm hairy lips that were now very wet - her hand wrapped my cock and she stroked slowly, “take a seat” she said looking at the bench - I moved and sat down - she turned away from me and straddled me - my boss now stood in front of her and she took him in her mouth while riding my cock slowly - my hands wrapped around her gently teasing her nipples - “Fuck her hard mate she likes it hard and fast” - I lifted her slightly to allow me to thrust and she moaned with each push - her juices now flowing into my balls - I was in disbelief this was happening but enjoying every second of it - I watche his face as he came - she did not miss a beat and when he had finished he stepped back and left the room - she stood and lay on the bench seat now - I moved between her legs and slowly entered her - her legs high in the air and her tits swaying as I fucked her deep and hard - she looked into my eyes with each thrust - “Fuck me just fuck me” she urged - her husband now back, stood beside her and dropped his semi erect cock into her mouth and she sucked him slowly as I continued to fuck her - it turned me on even more watching her suck him…