M49 F48


November 10 2023

I can't believe it these are my last few days in the office, Ive hated this job since i started but working as a favor for a family friend in there real estate office was never in my plan for life and now Ive given notice with not one single regret! Only one more file to go through and I'm all done.


Oh I nearly forgot my favorite clients Jay and Tyrese! They've been in the house for a couple years now. They have been one of the few saving graces with always paying on time and not only keeping the property up to standards, they have been an agents dream.

I'll just have to send them a message and let them know I'm finishing up and I'll no longer be there estate agent, what a pity they are a cute couple, she thought.


I'd Just put my phone down and she's replying already.

"Hi Serene, jay and i would love to say goodbye in person why don't you pop round on Friday evening?"

I thought about it for about second then replied to her love to what time and what do i bring over....


Well here we are last trip home from the office, I've said goodbye to everyone.

Now to shoot home for a shower, change and then head out to Tyrese and Jays.

I hope we have a fun evening I must stop and buy a bottle of wine And remember to put the twister game in the car.


I arrived and knocked on the door, Jay Answered and welcomed me Inside.

I dressed casual with a pair of loose fitting shorts, tank top and matching lace bra and knickers.

I didn't want to be wearing anything too tight fitting playing a game of twister.


I handed Jay the bottle of wine as I walked into the lounge room and Tyrese greeted me there, She was wearing a very thin top that I could see her pink nipples slightly giving away the fact she didn't have a bra on, she also had on a very tight mini skirt with a side zip.

She gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek and we sat down on the couch starting to chat.

Jay handed us both a glass of wine and we continued to talk about my new job leaving the office and how they would miss me once I was gone.


I can't remember after a few glasses of wine when we started playing twister But

as I flicked the dial to select my first color I got a bit smart and said to them both, "there's no way Tyrese is going to be able to give me any competition in that skirt".

Jay and Tyrese laughed straight away and Tyrese said, "oh really?". unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor showing a pair of red lace g strings, you couldn't see her pussy properly through the lace but you sure could tell that she was shaved smooth. I said, "that's not fair that's cheating".

"my house my rules"... still laughing she grabbed the board to spin it the her turn.

It started out a normal fun game of twister until it came time for my spin, this meant i would have Jays crotch right next to mine . As we both try to keep our balance I could feel his crotch against mine and his cock starting to grow.

The feel of him pushing against me felt so nice I let out a little gasp.

Tyrese was next to me and she asked me if I was okay I was a little embarrassed and whispered to her, "I can feel Jay against me he's rather large." Tyrese Giggled then spun the board for her turn.


I don't know if she was moving into the colors that the board selected but she ended up next to Jay.

I felt her doing something with Jay Then her fingers on my thigh sliding between my skin and my knickers, she pulled them to the side and Placed Jay's semi hard cock next to my pussy and let go of my knickers.


so focused on Jay's cock against my pussy in my knickers as it was getting harder

it pushed against my clit and slowly parted my lips. I could feel my pussy

getting wet and my nipples started to harden as Jay and I wobbled trying to keep our balance, his now hard cock was slightly rubbing against my wet pussy causing me to get more and more turned on.

Jay took his turn and spun The Color board, this had him move to a different position.

I felt as his cock slid against my pussy from my knickers and my knees quivered a little.

I looked back as Jay found his new position to see he had removed his clothes and had a fully erect penis.


It was at this point that I saw Tyrese slide her tongue up and down his shaft give a little flick over the head and then plunged his cock inside her mouth and furiously started sucking with all her might as she moved back and forth on it.

the site of ecstasy on both their faces was so erotic I couldn't help but slide my fingers inside my pants and start playing with my now dripping wet pussy.

Tyrese grabbed my other arm and pulled me over to her, she offered me jays cock and the 3 of us sank to the floor as i sucked on his cock.


we made our way to the bedroom jay slid his back onto the bed as i placed my dripping pussy above his mouth.

tyrese had straddled his cock and had started riding up and down on it while i played with her pussy feeling how wet she was with jays cock plunging into it and my fingers playing with her clit.

it wasn't long before her soft whimpers ended up in to a scream as she orgasmed.

i felt her body shiver as it washed over her and her pussy came over jays cock as she started to relax.

as jay continued to lick my pussy i slowly pushed her back and could see her cum on jays cock so i bent down and began to lick it along with her pussy as i did this she started to grind on jays cock.

i to was grinding my pussy against jays tongue and it wasn't long before we both came.


tyrese then said to me something so erotic i nearly came again, "I'm going to put jays cock in your pussy and he is going to fuck you and you're going to love it."

i laid back on the bed parting my legs as her hands slid up them she started playing with my pussy making sure my cum was all over.

jay moved between my legs and tyrese held his cock and started swirling it around my pussy along my lips, as the tip of his cock parted them and along my clit she then started kissing my pussy and rubbing jays cock. she held my pussy open

and guided jays cock inside, i knew jays cock was big but when he sank it into me up to his balls and her hand on me i began to buck back and forth so as jay slide back and forth his cock disappearing into my pussy and his balls rhythmically slapping against me. tyrese was sucking my boobs and playing with jays cock and my pussy, i could feel her slender fingers rubbing the sides of my pussy and caressing my clit the feeling was so intense i was moaning and moaning and as tyrese kissed me deeply i told her im cumming im cumming .


i could feel my pussy clenching against jays cock gripping its head keeping it inside me as he continued for a few more seconds.

jays cock slid from my pussy, i could see my cum drenching him, i joined tyrese as we both sucked on it.


i was playing with tyrese pussy and slipped my fingers inside her as we sucked on jay.

she said, "oh my god jay i need your cock now." and slid onto her back before jay could fuck her i straddled her and had my pussy on hers as are nipples caressed each other we kissed and i whispered in her ear i need to fuck your pussy first and slowly started sliding my pussy on hers as our lips interlocked and our clits rubbed together our orgasm built again and i could feel the cum flow from my pussy on to hers.

it was a shock but a fantastic one as i felt jays cock slide between us fucking us both then without any warning he had slid it into my pussy causing it to swell over tyrese as i fucker her even faster to mach jays pace pumping my pussy.

the feeling of his cock as it slid from my pussy between us was incredible, then as jay slid his cock into her i felt her pussy swell and envelope mine as all 3 of us fucked.

within minutes all 3 of us came with jay filling tyreses pussy he pulled his cock from her, i looked down to see his cum drip from her pussy and i just had to lick it all from her as i bent over.

i devoured her pussy my cum was running down my leg as jay licked it from me all the way to my pussy.

i felt his cock slide into me and started fucking me hard i looked up to see tyrese and him staring into each others eyes as i kissed licked and sucked her pussy while jay pounded me thrusting me into tyreses pussy as i licked her he made me cum again.


i collapsed into tyreses arms and we lay there kissing as our legs trembled jay joined us, as we fell into a sedated coma of someone who has just had incredible sex i remember thinking