Trying something new (Part 3)

December 27 2022

As we started to feel the pleasure build the pace of which she was sliding up and down my cock started to increase causing both our breathing to increase profusely. Alexis then started going between sucking Kyles cock and kissing me, I could still feel and taste his juices in her mouth as she kissed me and it tasted pleasantly sweet to my surprise. This continued and now Kyle was letting out loud groans and cursing in pleasure and I could hear the slurping of his wet juices every time she would take his cock on her mouth. The sounds of her slurping, his groans my moans and the water splashing against our bodies as she bounced on my cock was a sensory overload, I closed my eyes to allow my senses to be fully emerged in the pleasure I was experiencing. With my eyes still closed Alexis’ lips met with mine again and her tongue entered my mouth and started swirling around mine, she grabbed me by the top of my hair and turned my face and without knowing what was going on a felt Kyles enormous cock slide in between mine and Alexis lips, a little shocked I gently pulled away as I wasn’t sure how to take this but before I got anywhere Lexi grabbed me and pulled me back to kiss her before grabbing Kyles cock and placing it back in between our kiss. This for some reason drove me wild and without any further hesitation her and I were both kissing passionately while sucking on Kyles enormous hard wet slippery cock.

“Ahhhh fuckkkk that feels so good” Kyle blurted out as he pulled his cock away to stop himself from cumming. I opened my eyes to look what was happening but Lexi was so turned on she took my by the hair again and pulled my face into hers and kissed me hard and passionately like a starved cannibal almost devouring my face in lust.

Her tongue buried deep in my throat, her hips gyrating back and forth faster and faster along my cock while my one hand has her by the back of her hair and my other hand cupping her breast , “I’m going to cum, I’m going to fucking cum” she cried out before jumping off me and standing over me again closing her eyes she tilting her head back while vigorously rubbing her clit screaming “ohhh , ohhh im Going to....” and within seconds she let out a large spray of gush all over my chin and chest, continuing to rub herself I quickly took the opportunity to shove my face between her legs and lick her suck her pussy while she gushed a second and then a third time as her warm pussy juices showered me.

“That is so fucking HOT” Kyle commented.

“So fucking hottttt” I confirmed while wiping juice off my chest and taking my fingers into my mouth for another taste.

Alexis stood there convulsing in pleasure for a couple seconds before collapsing on top of me and hiding her face in my shoulder in an extremely shy and cute manner, I held her for a minute when Kyle asked “shall we continue this in the bedroom?” Without hesitation Alexis jumped up in excitement, her big smile mesmerising me once again as she put her hand to pull me up and guide me through the house.

Up the stairs and into their dimly lit room we walked, Kyle picked Alexis up around his waiste and placed her on her back on the bed and started making out with her, I sat beside them and began watching. Kyle reached down between his own legs and grabbed his massive cock in one hand and slid it inside of Alexis beautiful fig as he sat back and allowed it to slide in very slowly while I watched her incredible pussy take him inch by inch. He was fucking her slow and deep for a couple of minutes before she cheekily bit on her finger and whispered to us “I want both of you to fill my pussy please”

“Sure baby” Kyle replied.

“Chad get over here now” Alexis demanded jokingly while gesturing her finger in a come here motion.

At this point I felt like I was under her hypnotic spell, there isn’t anything she could say that I wouldn’t obey.

I walked over and she laid me down on the bed and climbed ontop of me, my cock slid into her effortlessly as we began kissing slowly and sensually. Kyle stood behind her and slowly pressured his cock against mine and inched his way inside her pussy while my cock still filled her. It didn’t take long before we established a good rhythm and I could feel his bulging cock veins sliding against mine as Alexis warmth and wetness lathered our cocks.

“Oh my God, oh my God” Alexis repeated as she buried her head in my neck whaling in moans of pleasure, she was thoroughly enjoying every second of this.

My arms around her in a tight embrace as Kyle and I stroked in and out of her pussy slowly and deeply with every thrust.

Alexis started to shake as her whaling increased she began to have a full body shaking orgasm “Don’t stop, please don’t fucking stop. Just like that pleaseeee!!!” she was begging as she continued to have an extended intense orgasm.

“Oh my fucking god, I’m cumming again” she screamed as she climaxed again.

“Fuck don’t stop pleeeeeeaaseee” she begged some more as she continued to have convulsions and multiple orgams. She was shuddering and moaning while cumming over and over to the point where she started to cry in pleasure from the height of her climax.

“Jesus Christ I’m going to cum” Kyle groaned.

“Fill me up please baby” she begged as I felt Kyle let out a hot string of seamen into her pussy and all over my pulsating cock followed by a second and a third.

“Ahhhhhhhhh fuuuuckkk” he blurted out as he finished off inside her. He then pulled out and looked at us both and thanked us before leaning over and kissing his wife on the cheek. He then climbed up and walked into the bathroom and put the shower on.

While Kyle was doing this Alexis got up off my cock and stood up and sat on my face while both hers and Kyles cum dripped out her pussy while I proceeded to eat her out, my mouth filled with both their cum Alexis then started kissing me passionately again as we shared the cum back and forth between us until there was nothing left except some residue on my lips which she gladly sucked off for me.

She then kissed me down my neck and chest working her way down my abdomen until taking my rock hard cock in her mouth. She sucked it slowly and sensually for a few minutes before Kyle had entered back into the room after his shower, lowering himself onto her back and placing his head next to her shoulder watching her take my cock in her mouth. She then turned her head back and started kissing him before they both turned back and started kissing while sharing my cock in their mouths.

Two warm mouths, 2 sets of lips, 2 sets of hands, 2 tongues working and lapping up my pre cum... “Oh Jesus that feels unbelievable” I moaned while their lips and tongues started to give me a sloppy wet blow job, I felt my toes start to curl and my tummy begin to tingle when I told them I was about to cum but they continued to suck me. I felt the pressure building up from my stomach to my balls and then I felt it pulsate through my cock, my entire body tensed up as I sprayed hot cum all over both their faces while they continued to kiss passionately.

“Fuuuuckkkkkkk” I let out one last moan as we all collapsed in each others arms.