Trying something new (Part 2)

December 27 2022

Alexis reached her hand out to take me by mine and led me to the outside entertainment area where the spa had been bubbling away ready for our arrival. I stepped into the spa before turning around and watching her drop her sarong to the floor exposing her flawless figure and perfect curves. I then took her by the hand and helped her step down into the spa with me. As she stepped down we were standing face to face alone for the first time, I reached one hand onto her cheek and guided her face toward mine slowly as our lips touched ever so lightly for a very soft kiss. An ever so soft touch of the lips was followed by another and another, each time the pressure and length of time our lips touched increased until we started locking our lips and our mouths opened allowing our tongues to massage one another as we exhale deep breaths of passion changing head positions from one side to the other as we press our bodies closer and closer together.

My now fully erect cock pressing into her crotch region brought about an involuntary chuckle from Alexis which broke us out of our lust locked passionate kiss, she sat back entering the warm water for the first time as I followed her lead and sat back in my seat across from her when Kyle returned.

I was pleasantly surprised with Kyle, now wearing nothing but his bathers it was evident what good shape he was in for his age. He was ripped and as fit as I was just he was at least 8 years my senior, I admired that and hoped I’d be as fit at his age.

While sitting chatting laughing and sipping our drinks, Alexis took me by the hand and lead me over to sit next to Kyle, unsure what her intentions were I went with it. Once I was seated next to Kyle, she then came over and sat on both out laps, one of her but cheeks on his left thigh and the other on my right thigh . My arm automatically found its way around her waste when she turned back and started making out with me in front of Kyle. I heard him whispering into her ear as we kissed “this is really turning me on babe” he said to her before she smiled and turned to him and started making out with him. My cock grew harder then before as Alexis went from Kyle back to me, this time the kiss was less slow and sensual and we were fully locked into a lustful deep French kiss, tongues deep inside each others mouth as she panted and groaned ever so slightly as we kissed passionately. While we kissed Kyle proceeded to take my hand and place it on Alexis’ left breast, I let out a sigh as I grouped her small but beautiful breast between my fingers feeling a nipple ring through her silky wet swim suite. Her nipples were already hard when my hand found her breast but after a gentle squeeze they rose further to the occasion, Kyle then pulled her by the chin and they engaged in a very hard core passionate kiss and as they did this I slowly slipped Alexis’ swimsuits off her shoulder. Inch by inch I slowly started to expose her beautiful little breasts which were both evidently pierced, she had light brown nipples which were hard enough to cut diamonds. As the last bit of swimsuits peeled off of her tits she took a deep breath while kissing Kyle, grabbed my face and shoved it into her chest. Like a baby to the bottle I began taking her nipples into my mouth for a gentle suck and then softly blowing on each nipple to get them even harder which made her shiver n squirm in delight while letting out a little giggle. She grabbed me by the back of my hair and pulled me back up to kiss her while Kyle sucked on her ear lobe, I could hear him and her breathing deep as Kyle and I would swap between kissing her and sucking her ears and neck. Kyle’s hand between Alexis’ thighs and I felt her spread her legs even wider over our laps as she grinded against his hand while reaching back behind her head and my neck to turn her head to kiss me as I caressed her beautiful tits. She peeled her swim suit from just below her tits down to her waste and took Kyle’s hand and placed it inside her bathers between her legs, as his finger enter her she looked up closed her eyes and sighed in pleasure. Kyle started to slowly finger fucking her while she reached to my crotch and started to rub her hand along my hard shaft over the top of my pants. So turned on, her touch sent my body into shivers, sensitive and responding in all the right ways I pulled her ontop of me releasing Kyle’s hand from her swim suite. Fully straddled facing me with both arms around me neck I went between kissing her and sucking her tits as she sighs and gasped while Kyle swam to the opposite side of us to get a full view of the action.

As Kyle got comfortable in his seat, he removed his swim shorts and started to stroke his thick hard 8” cock which I saw out the corner of my eye and admittedly was impressed by the size and girth of it, he was enormous.

Lexi turned to see what Kyle was up to and gave a little chuckle when she saw him stroking his cock to the action, “like what you see honey” she asked him.

Kyle smiled a devilish smile, “fuck yes” he responded as he continued to slowly stoke the full length of his cock.

Alexis then stood up off my lap and gestured her hands out and pulled me to my feet, as I stood up she gave me another sexy kiss before squatting down and in one motion taking my bathers from my waste down to my ankles allowing my now throbbing hard cock to bounce back up into her face. Her eyes lit up as she gasped in appreciation, “fuck Kyle looks like you got some competition” she joked while admiring my manhood. She took it by one hand and spent a few seconds just looking at it from all angles before closing her eyes and wrapping her sexy warm mouth around the tip of my head slowly taking my full length into her hot mouth. “aaahhhhhhhhhh” I let out a long deep moan as I feel her tongue swirl around the head of my cock as her mouth slowly and sensual worked in sync with her hand strokes as she began sucking my cock. Kyle then walked over and stood next to me watching Alexis take my cock in and out her mouth before she reached over and grabbed him by the cock and swapped between sucking his cock and mine. Kyle slowly positioned himself with Alexis adjusting her position to allow for our cocks to be pressed against each others while she sucked both our cocks simultaneously. It was a little strange for me to start with, being in such close proximity to another man but Alexis was doing such a great job of sucking my cock that I quickly forgot about it and went back to enjoying the feeling.

Alexis stood up while still stroking our cocks as they stand erect pressed up against each other, she started to make out with Kyle while I got a close up of their tongue action and then turned to me and started making out with me. I grabbed her by her big plump ass cheek and pulled her even closer and our kiss started getting fast and hard core, tongues everywhere moaning hot kissing. She would go from me to Kyle and from Kyle back to me, the intervals between each kiss becoming shorter and before realising anything Alexis, Kyle and myself were engaging in a 3 way kiss of passion and lust. Our tongues wrapped around each others, lips all over each others face, I slid my hand down her bathers and slowly slid my finger down her pussy lips. She was extremely wet and her pussy lips parted at the touch of my fingers, her pussy was already warm and juicy when my finger found her slippery love button. I began to rub my finger in small circles around her clit as the three of us continued to kiss, Alexis now breathing deeply as her hot breath filled our mouths.

Kyle pulled away and smiled at us as he moved behind Alexis and continued to removed her bathers by slipping her costume down her firm muscular thighs. Once freed from her bathers she lifted one leg onto the step giving me further access as I slid my index finger into her pussy, her head tilted back as the pleasure engulfed her and I kissed and sucked her cute chin and neck.

This went on for a minute or two and as her soft groans turned into louder moans it was obvious she was enjoying herself, she then pushed me back and I took a seat where I was previously.

Alexis then instructed Kyle to get out the Spa and stand behind me from above where I was sitting. Kyle obeyed and she proceeded to stand over me in the spa spreading her lips and pushing my face between her legs. Her pussy was manicured with a neat landing strip, she had plump brown pussy lips like that of a burnt fig. I started to lick and suck on her clit while she stood over me taking Kyles cock in her mouth while I ate her out. She then slowly let her self down onto my lap and whilst doing so reached down and held my cock in position for her to sit on, both of us dripping in juices by this point, she easily slid down the full length of my shaft in one motion.

As that first feeling of entering a her hit me I let out a loud groan, which was reciprocated by one of her own. Once she got all the way down my shaft she sat there for a bit just moving in slow circles while pushing herself deep onto me.

She then reached for Kyle to come closer as she placed her head over my shoulder and continued to suck his cock while she slowly lifted and lowered herself up and down my long hard cock. One of her hands around the back of my neck and the other on Kyles cock, one of my hands caressing her tits while the other grabbed her by the hip and pulled her deep each time she lowered herself onto me. Kyles one hand in the back of her hair as she sucked his cock and the other resting on my shoulder....