M44 F44


September 09 2022

My husband took me to the hotel room as planned. We had it organised during the week and I had spoken to Keith for the first time after some organising between he and my husband. He asked me to dress in a certain way to please him and that he was looking forward to seeing me in person after seeing my profile and pictures and after talking to my husband about the services and the price.


I had prepared myself in accordance with what Keith had asked for and I was quite nervous going to the hotel. My husband and I didn’t talk much which was at odds to how we normally chat away. He must of been nervous as well.


My husband knocked on the door of the hotel room and well it was fancy hotel so we had to be announced to visit. Keith answered and I met him for the first time. An older gentleman with speck of grey hair and although I didn’t admit it he was attractive and also very smartly dressed in his suit.


I walked through the door and Keith kissed me on the cheek and introduced himself - very polite which I also liked. He had some drinks waiting and we had a drink whilst we chatted and introduced ourselves. He was very well spoken and I caught him enjoying a glance at me every now and then. Which I also enjoyed.


After our drinks Keith stood up and then walked over to me and held my hand and I stook up. He twirled me around and said that he’d like to proceed. He then walked me to the bedroom and I turned around. My husband was in the room with Keith and I and then proceeded to remove my underwear. He turned to Keith and said “enjoy my wife…” and then left the room and closed the door.


Keith then took his wallet out of suit jacket and took out the cash and gave it to me. I was surprised at the amount as my Husband organised the fee with Keith. I placed it into my purse and placed it on the bedside table. Keith then began to undress me but asked me to keep my heels on. When naked he grabbed me close to him and kissed me deeply and passionately which took me a back. I also felt his hard on….I wondered if he realised how wet I was!


He then lay me on the bed, turned on the bedside lamp and turned off the light in the bedroom. He then came to me and spread my legs and as I looked down at his hard cock he simply penetrated me and began to slowly move deeper as his tongue kissed me deeply.


My husband was outside of the bedroom with the door closed.


Keith was deep inside my wet pussy and his tongue deep in my mouth - I was there to please him. At first I felt conflicted sensations as this was the first time I had tried out this theme but I was also enjoying myself too much and also have a supportive husband and an attractive client in Keith.


Over the next hour I made sure Keith was satisfied and had pleasure in him using me for his sex. He came twice. I came numerous times. My husband sat outside hearing it all.


We continue to see Keith and play out different themes. He’s the perfect part for us and my after hours hotwife role…