The submissive woman part 2

July 19 2023

We continued our lovely evening with some drinks and a movie we had rules and punishments she kept me hydrated and feed and was very lovely all evening knowing that if she missed behaved she had to endure a cold shower , stand in the corner or be band from the couch even being starved of an orgasm after a few hours I told her to meet me in my room and Neal next to my bed and have her arms behind her back

Moment's later I walked in tied her arms behind her back an Began to belt her til she was welting and then untied her told her to finish her whiskey


And grab her throat and slammed her down tied her arms up to the bed began going down on her and fingering her til she started to scream an came on my face 😈


I untied her and flipped her on her stomach an Began to fuck her so hard while grab the neck an pulling her back made her call me daddy we went for about half an hour with hair pulling and spanking her tight ass an let out another orgasm this time she squirted all over my bed and moment's later i unloaded my white goodness into her already drenched pussy


She was then punished for wetting the bed I forced her into a cold shower and let her out an bent her over the sink an railed for from behind making her look in the mirror and the again I pulled out and exploded all over backside


Then got ready for bed and had a lovely sleep and she woke me up with a bj and she left very satisfied


The end