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The making of a hotwife

July 07 2023

I just thought you guys might want to hear the true story of how we got into the hotwife scene some 43 odd years ago. I was only 17 when I met Elly and she was 18 at the time. Due to circumstances, we moved in together at a very early stage in our relationship. Life was great, she was the perfect girlfriend for a horny 17 y/o guy like me. A nympho who wanted sex constantly and when I wasn’t up to the task she could always rely on her trusty hair brush handle to do the job (vibrators weren’t that readily available back then) Anyway one night after a few drinks we began talking about our exes. She started telling me about Greg the guy she was seeing before me, instantly I began getting a hard on. I pressed for more information and seeing the effect it had on me she began telling me more and more about her sex life with him. I’d never been that hard before and my cock was absolutely aching. The sex was unbelievable that night and I just couldn’t stop humping her just thinking about Gregs cock being in my girlfriend. The next night I started the topic up again and she opened right up this time. She hadn’t had many boyfriends but wow she had had sex with a hell of a lot of guys. She was basically the go to girl in high school and a popular invite to all the senior students parties on weekends or shows as we called them back. There was usually one happening somewhere on a Friday or Saturday night she said, and having sex with four or five guys in a night was pretty much the norm. She was on the pill at early 16 and STD’s weren’t considered a big issue back then so she would fuck them all bareback. She did say it was funny at school when guys she didn’t know used to say Hi and smile at her. Said she could only presume she may have had sex with them at some time or another at a party. Any way back to our story in hand.


Elly seeing how turned on I got every time she mentioned her past sex life obviously got her thinking. A few days later out of the blue she said would you like to watch? I said watch what, and she simply replied, me having sex. Excitedly I asked what she had in mind, she had obviously put some thought into this. She told me she still had Greg her ex boyfriends phone number, she could get him over and I could watch through the bedroom window. I was unsure but my cock was saying yes yes so, I agreed. Two days later she let me know it was all arranged if I was still keen. Keen, fuck yeah that was all I could think about since she made the suggestion. I spent that night arranging the bedroom curtains to be open enough for me to see and checking I couldn’t be seen at night. Greg rocked up about 7pms that night.


As soon as I heard his car I gave her a quick kiss and headed out the back door around to the bedroom window. After about 10 minutes nothing, so I began worrying that they were going for it in the lounge and I was missing out. I already had my cock in hand but could do nothing more than just keep waiting. Then bingo the bedroom light came on. My heart was pounding and my cock aching to be wanked. Elly was in a light skimpy summer dress and at my first nervous peak I could see the two of them kissing passionately and hugging/groping each other. I could tell there was still a connection there but didn’t care at that stage. After a short while Elly expertly slipped her dress off and let if fall to the floor. She was now naked and still kissing Greg, I watched on in excitement as he was working his hands all over my girlfriends bare body. She had one arm around his neck and her other feeling at his crotch After 5 or so minutes she dropped to her knees and freed his cock which was rock hard and a good size. She seemed to be loving having it back in her hands as she started sucking on him. I was blown away and thinking surely this isn’t right as I was getting off watching my girlfriend giving her ex a blowjob. He had hold of her hair and was pumping her eager mouth. My cock had already given up its load over the lawn as I watched on. He pushed her onto the bed, got in between Elly’s spread legs and put his unprotected cock right inside her. She had her arms and legs wrapped around him as he pumped her with a steady rhythm, the two of them still kissing at every opportunity. After a short while Greg moved her onto all fours and put his cock straight back in . He was pounding her hard and her big tits were bouncing everywhere for good 5 minutes. He then he grabbed her tightly by the hips and held it inside her. I gathered, he was cuming inside her by the look on his face and Elly had a huge smile on hers. Fuck I was thinking is that it, I want more with my cock standing to attention again as they now lay on the bed chatting. This was way better than any porn movie and starring Elly my girlfriend made it that much hotter. Greg was still fondling her breasts and stroking Elly’s body. She started kissing him again on the mouth and stroking his cock. I thought yes yes she wants more. He was soon hard again with a bit of sucking and she got on top this time, holding his cock she guided it into her cunt and slid down its length. The best view of the night as I could see every inch of his meaty cock sliding in and out of my girlfriend’s pussy. By then cock in hand I was shooting off again. She energetically bounced up and down as Greg squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples. They hadn’t been at it too much longer before he pushed her off and down the bed. Greg grabbed his cock and started wanking it furiously. Elly was ready to pounce and as soon as he let go of himself, she put her mouth around it and continued wanking his shaft as he laid there. OMG I just realized at that moment Greg was now blowing his second load in my girlfriends mouth and she was gulping it down lot. He left shortly after and I wasted no time getting inside the house and acquainted with her sloppy cum filled pussy. I fucked her hard and soon came for the third time that night (twice by hand). Once we had calmed down a bit we both exchanged score cards to put it one way and decided it was a great success. She said knowing I was watching made it so much hotter and she wanted to make it real dirty for me.

From that moment on we were set up for the perfect relationship, Elly could fuck who she wanted and she had a boyfriend who encouraged her. We married a few years later making her officially a Hotwife.

So there you have it folks. Over the next 43 years there isnt anything of a sexual nature Elly hasn’t done or had done to her and were always happy to share those experiences


  • Spank

    17 Dec 2023

    Great writing. So hot!

  • Punta85

    31 Jul 2023

    What a great story and amazing pics 🥵. Elle sounds like an absolute blast. Keep up with the stories, 🍻

  • wanttotry3some

    19 Jul 2023

    Great story, we have experienced similar, it’s one of favourite thing. Problem is, this site seems to be full of more pretenders than real guys wanting to actually meet. But reading your story means we’ll continue to keep an eye out for that elusive real guy.

  • Yash_always

    13 Jul 2023

    Amazing relationship and I think nothing can be better than having a partner like her. Would love to read more and wish I could play a part in future stories 😀😁😁

  • aussieck86

    13 Jul 2023

    Holy fuck that made my cock as hard as a rock and I’m hoping if I ever get over to WA I might just be lucky enough to spend a night with Elly and ypurself

  • TJ087

    12 Jul 2023

    Awesome story. I think the profile pics are sensational. Elly has a great body 👍 Do you ever meet up with people travelling through Jurien?

  • Newlyinterested

    11 Jul 2023

    Love it and would love to hear more stories from your adventures

  • Dammmmn

    10 Jul 2023

    Ive had the pleasure meeting up with these guys and omg Elly is amazing!! Im hard just thinking of her and quite often still when jerking off i think of her!! Lol omg anytime id drop everything to see them again!!

  • mrlemonis

    10 Jul 2023

    Such a great story! Got very turned on reading that!

  • Mark92

    10 Jul 2023


  • Noworthen

    10 Jul 2023

    The perfect relationship indeed 🔥

  • PartyOrg

    10 Jul 2023

    Can definitely vouch for this hotwife, having played with her around 12yrs ago. Good to see they are still at it. I am kinda curious if hubby was watching through a peephole somewhere in the house as I never met him :P

  • Moxters

    10 Jul 2023

    Great story! The start is very similar to ours albeit after 23 years of marriage.....still love it to this day to watch her with another guy!

  • Gcoutdoorcouple

    10 Jul 2023

    Awesome. Well written.

  • Swingingnudist

    09 Jul 2023

    JBHotwife, awesome story. My partner and i have had a little hotwife experience. I'm sure others and myself would love to read more of your hotwifeing experiences over the years if you would be kind enough to share. 😜

  • Tropicalspice

    09 Jul 2023

    That is such a hot story, thank you for sharing!

  • Hungry469

    09 Jul 2023

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    09 Jul 2023

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    09 Jul 2023

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  • Freelove

    09 Jul 2023

    Sensational story, your a lucky man, you both are , the perfect marriage, luv it

  • MidnightSilver

    09 Jul 2023

    What a beautiful story. I'm going to pinch Mctag9's phrase (hope you don't mind Mctag9) "emotionally monogamous", what a lovely way of putting it. Well done to both of you for taking a chance and being open about sex, carry on enjoying life's adventures!!

  • Orallyinclined

    09 Jul 2023

    Awesome story.. lucky man .. truly sexy lady 😈

  • Jonper

    08 Jul 2023

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    08 Jul 2023

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    08 Jul 2023

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    08 Jul 2023

    Sounds like the last 43 years have been a hoot for both of you. It sounds weird writing this but your story is both hot and heart warming. That's not something I can say about most of the stories on RHP.

  • maca14

    08 Jul 2023

    Luck man Great story

  • Mctag9

    08 Jul 2023

    You're a very lucky man and Elly is a very lucky lady, I would love to have a similar relationship - I get so turned on seeing my partners play with others and then I get to have my turn!! I hope one day to meet a lady who can be emotionally monogamous buts also loves to play with others as much as I do!! 😀

  • Freo_Guy

    08 Jul 2023

    What an AWESOME story... and your profile pics are GREAT! Well done you two!

  • ajaussie

    08 Jul 2023

    Great on you guys and it’s amazing how good your understanding and bonding is. My compliments. Cheer Aj