The fun continues….. 2nd installment after ‘A Night at the Movies’

January 02 2023

Mike and I abandoned the movie making a quick getaway from the cinema. My insides were still tingling from the two intense orgasms I’d just experienced but I felt a little guilty. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I like better than being brought off by a skillful tongue or finger between my legs, but I get just as much satisfaction bringing my partner off too.

Stepping into a balmy WA summer’s evening, a soft breeze played across my legs parting my dress and reminding me I was naked underneath. The decision to follow Mike’s jokey suggestion and leave my underwear at home had been a good one. That single act removed my inhibitions, empowering me to ask for exactly what I wanted, namely a good hard tongue lashing.

‘How did you get here?’ Mike asked.

‘Uber,’ I replied.

‘I’ve got my car. Can I take you somewhere?’ Did he really have to ask? The way I was feeling, he could have taken me there and then, up against the plate glass windows of the cinema. Now there’s a thought……

‘My kids are at home, so we really can’t go to my place.’

‘How about we take a drive into the Swan Valley. I know a secluded spot.’

‘Take me,’ I responded with a grin. Mike pressed his key fob and the lights flashed on a little red Mazda mx5 in the carpark.

‘It’s a warm night, let’s go top down.’

‘I’m a top down kinda gal.’ I replied. God, that was a cheesy line! Mike smiled back. Anticipation, or humoring me? I couldn’t quite tell.

I fell into his car! There’s no delicate way to put it, they are a lot lower than you think. But when he pressed a button and the roof began to fold back, oooh that was nice. How good would it feel to be spread over this sexy little sports car and fucked nice and slow. Soon we were cruising out into the Swan Valley, music on the stereo and wind in our hair. Time to get things moving again. Reaching over I ran my hand up his thigh while my other hand undid the tie of my wrap dress. Pulling it apart, I bared my body to the breeze. Wow, that felt good. I slid a finger inside myself and wiggled until it was well and truly coated with juice, then smeared the liquid nectar over my nipples. Instantly the wind chilled them, so they stood to attention.

I licked the residue from my finger and murmured provocatively. ‘Do we have far to go? I don’t think I can wait much longer.’ Mike was having a hard time keeping his attention on the road. My nails stroked tight circles on his inner thigh close to his straining erection, and he kept stealing glances as the headlights of the oncoming traffic lit up my exposed body. I knew I was being an outrageous tease and probably deserved a good spanking, but there was no doubt in either of our minds, he would be getting the golden honey pot at the end of my rainbow.

The car slowed and we turned down a dark side road sandwiched between rows of grape vines. ‘This used to be the cellar door of a winery, but they’ve moved elsewhere, we won’t be disturbed here.’ We came to a stop in a deserted carpark and Mike was out and heading round to my side in a flash. When he opened my door, I was confronted with his bulging groin in my face.

I swung my legs out of the car but remained seated. All it took was a quick shoulder shimmy to make my dress slip down leaving me in nothing but a pair of heels. Cupping my breasts, I ran my fingers over my hard nipples giving them a little pinch and I looked up into his eager eyes. ‘Hold your horses big boy, it’s your turn for a little fun.’

While I gave my full attention to getting his trousers down, he undid the buttons on his shirt. That’s better, at least his state of undress was approaching mine. The temptation to go straight for the prize was hard to resist, but Mike had made me wait for it, so I gave him a taste of his own medicine. My hands traced up his legs and over his tight buttocks, then around the waist band of his jocks. Leaning in, I tugged gently at his jocks, kissing and licking the flesh of his lower abdomen. I could feel his cock through the fabric pulsing against my cheek as I deliberately avoided it. Ok, time to let the beast free. Gripping his jocks firmly, I slowly pulled them down.

‘Say hello to my little friend,’ laughed Mike in a terrible Al Pacino impression as his cock bounced in front of my face.

‘I’m sure we are going to become close friends.’ I replied, grinning up at him. Do two cheesy lines make a right? I doubt it, but the way his eyes sparkled, I could forgive him anything.

I licked his thigh and ran my fingers down the crack of his arse then over his balls, they twitched under my touch. He was well groomed, not shaven smooth like me, but tidy. For the first time I took his cock in my hand. Holding him firmly at the base of his shaft, I lifted his member up to expose his balls to my mouth. I licked them lustily, slurping one testicle fully into my mouth and rolling my tongue around it. Mike groaned with pleasure as his cock strained in my grasp. My free hand curved around his buttock and my finger probed his crack searching for his anus. Two can play at that game, I thought. It was hot and a little sweaty, but I pushed on. An involuntary spasm of his legs, let me know I had reached his anus. It feels fantastic, doesn’t it.

Releasing his balls and withdrawing my finger, I looked up into his eyes and flashed him my best wide eyed angelic look. ‘Push your cock down my throat and fuck my mouth.’

‘Jeez, you’re a feisty one.’

Oh, my God! Where did that come from? I’ve never gagged in my life. But Mike didn’t attempt to rape my face, even though I’d got carried away and invited him to. Gently he caressed the side of my jaw and stroking his thumb over my lips, he firmly but tenderly parted them and slipped his thumb into my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around it and sucked, but that was only the appetizer, a second later his erection pushed my mouth open wide. I sucked and slobbered over his cock and thumb together. Was this what it felt like to have two pricks in your mouth at once? I know my ex had watched porn where girls did that, but could I be that filthy? Yes, I think I could.

Mike withdrew his thumb and held my head firmly in his hands. His hips were gently rocked, I could feel his cock pushing deeper with every thrust. Every time he pulled out, I sucked hard on the glans of his penis, and with every penetration I relaxed, accepting his cock into the back of my throat. He watched me intently, his eyes narrowed with pleasure but alert to possible panic in mine. I realized he was fucking my mouth deeply and firmly but without forcing me. He wanted me to enjoy the experience just as much as he was.

Mike continued this languid but steady rhythm. In and out, he didn’t rush but he wasn’t stopping either. I could feel the tension in his body building, hear the soft moans and groans he was making as he made love to my mouth. I gripped the sides of his legs tightly waiting for him to unload into me. My eyes never left his as he drove his cock into my mouth. Men fuck with their eyes; women fuck with their minds. All the other bits are nice but peripheral. I wanted him to see how much I wanted this, his cock, his cum, everything he had to give.

‘I’m coming,’ he groaned.

I sucked long and hard until I felt him throb in my mouth, he was about to explode. His balls convulsed in my hands as his semen started to pump into my wide open mouth. Not wanting to choke and splutter I pulled his cock out and milked him onto my face. All the time, I held his gaze while gobs of cum splattered over my lips and tongue, spilling out of my mouth, and running down my cheek to drip onto my tits. Mike let out an enormous groan of satisfaction as I squeezed the last few drops of his load onto my waiting tongue. Then I took him in my mouth again so he could feel as I swallowed it all down.

Mike’s hands reached for mine and gently pulled me out of the car. In my heels I was almost as tall as him. His eyes left mine for the first time as he surveyed the cum all around my mouth and chin. We still hadn’t said a word, this was awkward. Was he one of those men who is all hot upfront, then guilty like a naughty boy when he sees the mess he’s made? But Mike pulled me to him and kissed me passionately, his tongue probing my mouth, swirling the cum between us. I obviously got that wrong, he’s not shy about cum!

Our tongues danced in each other’s mouths, rolling, searching out every spot. My mouth was being fucked again, this time by his tongue. He licked the cum from my face then kissed me again, sharing it between us. Now, semen is not my number one drink of choice. Give me a stiff gin and tonic any day of the week. But the joy it gives a man to see a women take his gift is always worth it. But this was one of the sexiest things I’d ever experienced. No man had ever shared himself so explicitly and completely. We kissed until we had cleaned every drop from each other.

I stood, naked and speechless in his strong embrace. I’ve given plenty of blowjobs in my time, always from a sense of duty. The sexual pleasure I gained from the experience came from my partner’s obvious enjoyment of the act, but this was a whole new level. I loved it and I wanted more.

As fantastic as the night had been so far, there was no way it was ending here. What about sex against the car that I had promised myself earlier? Only the feel of his cock grinding into me, would satisfy the desperate longing between my legs. But Mike’s once rigid cock was slowly softening against my stomach. He was no young stud able to perform again immediately. I needed to calm my farm and work out a plan.

‘That was amazing,’ I gasped. ‘I want more. A lot more! But I need a drink and a chance to catch my breath. Is that ok with you?’

‘You read my mind,’ said Mike. ‘There’s a pub, further up the valley. Let’s make ourselves descent…….on the outside at least, then we can grab a drink and recharge the batteries.’ Neither of us could wipe the silly grins off our faces as we dressed.

Too be continued……..