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The Marriage Assistant Part 2.

November 25 2023

............. If you follow these rules, it will make it a more enjoyable time, I'm here to assist not to cause any future issues, now that we have that done your wife's pussy looks like it is in desperate need of some attention.


He moved over to join them on the floor in front of his wife, Serene had lifted Sally's top above her head and she was now naked. Serene was removing her own skirt reveling her crotch-less panties and the red matching bra that allowed her nipples to be seen thru cut out holes in them.

She had started to kiss Sally and her hand moved to hold the lips of her sopping pussy open for Tony to enjoy, so he ran his tongue along her clit that Serene had exposed for him & seeing how wet she was he dove his tongue deep into her and she let out a gasp into Serene's mouth as they kissed.


After licking her pussy for a bit, he was then directed by his wife, "Now Hunny - where are your manners .... can you not tell how wet Serene is?" He looked over to the brunette's pussy to see and saw his wife's sexy slender fingers all wet as they went from playing with the love heart just above her pussy to sliding down along her wet lips then back up her opening. He moved over and placed himself in front of her and she slid forward on the couch and his tongue pushed deep inside her. She slowly rocked back and forth a bit making sure he had full access yet at the same time had now started to caress Sally's breasts with one hand while the other hand slid inside her and moved back and forth.


The feeling of her doing this while seeing Tony lapping her pussy made her come very quickly.

Tony could hear his wife's breath quicken and then heard her familiar moan and knew she was about to come so he stopped licking Serene as he wanted to see this.

There was nothing he enjoyed more than watching his sexy woman cum and to see it done by a woman was something they had wanted to share. She reached out and grabbed his hand and squeezed as the marriage assistant made her cum Multiple times......


The time flew past with them enjoying each other in many ways and places, Tony even discovered the reason for the exercise balls.. hhmmmm??

The drive home was quiet, it wasn’t until they had got in bed and made love before they had said anything more than I love you with them both stuck in a loop of lust love Fantasy and exhaustion.

That night stayed with them for many years and came up every time they had spicy sex or naughty texts between them and made for many a wet night.


Thanks for reading!! We love that you do & hope it gets ya hornyyyyyyy..... xx


  • Imup69

    02 Dec 2023

    Fantastic description of 2 women sharing each other, oh to be there!!