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The Marriage Assistant Part 1.

November 24 2023

Tony was confused, why did they have to go to marriage counseling when they had a great marriage?

Sally had surprised him with this marriage counseling or "marriage assistant" as she called it but he didn’t see or feel the need. "Happy wife happy life", he said to himself as his annoyance subsided and why did he have to dress nice?.... and a Friday evening appointment...... REALLY......??


It was at that moment Sally entered the room & Tony's jaw dropped, his wife was hot - damn hot and had dressed very sexy, like she was going to club not counseling. He wasn’t going to say anything as he had been married too long and knew better. She was wearing a black skirt that looked painted on, she had pulled her hair back into a ponytail that sat high on her head and kept her brown blonde toned hair off her neck. Her perfect nipples looked hard as they strained against her bra and top...... hang on, no bra W.T.F? She always wore a bra when going out.


After a drive of around 30 mins with Sally directing him, they pulled into a long driveway of a house, "Not what I was expecting for a councilor", voiced Tony. "I told you Tony, a marriage assistant," Same same he thought but kept it to himself as he parked out the front and walked towards the house. Pushing a button on the intercom Sally announced them and the door gave an audible click as the electronic lock opened pushing the door they entered a grand entrance with doors either side and a hall in front.

The door on the right opened and a very hot woman a little taller than Sally but same perfect hour glass figure walked toward them. She had a slight curl to her black hair that sat just below her shoulders, she was tying it back into a pony tail high on her head, she wore sexy black glasses, a red top that was slightly see through with a red bra black miniskirt and long black heels - she had the hot librarians look and she carried it well.


The woman invited them into the room, the size of a large lounge and dimly lit it contained a wooden cupboard, 2 couches that sat opposite, a chaise lounge and was decorated in a red and gold theme. Along one wall were 2 exercise balls, no desk, no computer, no filing cabinet, nothing. This was the weirdest office he had ever seen.


The woman motioned them to the couch and they sat with her sitting opposite, she then introduced herself as Serene offering her hand to Sally then Tony. In her other hand she had a clip board with papers on it, looking over at Sally she said, "You where the one who made the appointment, I have the list here from the questionnaire that you filled out and I'm really excited to tell you we can absolutely work these all out for you." Then turning to Tony, "I'm sure you are full of questions but don’t worry you will leave here happy I guarantee it."


Tony was perplexed how long had Sally not been happy?

His head was swimming but he knew he would do what it took to make his wife happy.


Serene began, "We're going to start with a touch and trust exercise, in a moment I will give you blindfolds and you will touch each other as I ask you questions.


As she uncrossed her legs Ton couldn’t help but notice the crotch-less panties she had on, her pussy looked silky smooth just like Sally's', but had a patch of dark pubic hair in the shape of a heart. Tony looked over at Sally and could tell she saw exactly what he had seen.


Serene handed them each a blindfold to put on, she made sure they couldn’t see & speaking to Sally she asked, "Where do you want to touch Tony.... don’t tell us just do it." Tony felt a hand on his chest as his wife ran her fingers across it . "Tony where would you like to touch Sally?.

He reached out feeling gently for her head, her face, her ear, he softly ran his finger down to her neck caressing her.


"Good good that looks great, now Sally I want you to touch Tony where he likes to be touched." She placed her hand on his cock." "Tony now you." He placed his hand on her waist and another cupping the back of her head as if in an embrace. "That’s ok but I want you to touch each other where they really want to be touched sexually." She grabbed their hands and pushed Tony's down to Sally's pussy and hers all over his cock, she then made Sally's hand stroke Tony's cock thru his pants.


As Serene let their hands grope she walked over to the cupboard and opened it, inside was a variety of whips, vibrators, cuffs, dildos, lube and costumes and other sex play items. She selected a battery operated vibrator then moved back to the couch sitting opposite them, she parted her legs reveling her pussy and started rubbing it against her pussy.


"Ok you can stop now", she told them after a while. "Now the next exercise we are going to do will see how well you know each other if you could both stand for me when I let you know I want you to kiss."

Both stood up, Sally could feel lips against hers, they were soft yet firm, softer than Tony's and wetter smoother it seemed. She felt the blindfold slide from her face, Serene had moved In front of Sally and had kissed her as she did this, she removed her blindfold and held her gaze as they looked at each other, then their eyes closed and the kiss became more passionate. Sally could feel Serene s tongue swirled against hers turning her on.


She was so glad she had made this appointment with Serene, after her and Tony had spent many nights fantasying about having a women join them but they found it too hard to find someone but when she saw an advert on a story site for the marriage assistant she looked into it. A business that catered for all your fantasies, clean professional, it was everything they wanted.


Serene had Sally in a passionate embrace and loved the taste of her strawberry gloss lipstick she wore, thinking it may help confuse Tony the thought made her smile, she loved her work it was the best job in the world. She got to have sex with really hot couples, no strings, no jealousy and doing her job well.


Serene had now moved over to Tony, she slowly breathed on Tony's face and the cool against his skin felt nice, her lips brushed against his slightly and she spoke to him.

"Did you like your wife's lips on yours?"

"Yes", he replied.

"Or do you want to kiss her more passionately and if so, do it."


Serene brushed her lips against his again as she did so she felt his tongue swirl over her lips.

Tony felt his wife's lips on his and slid his tongue out to taste them then passionately kissing her with his tongue darting around hers. He felt his cock stiffen but something was different in the way she kissed him back. She had that familiar taste of her Strawberry gloss but this was different nice.

He then felt a hand on his cock, his belt loosened, zipper down & dropped to the floor, he momentarily wondered again what type of marriage counselor this was......


His cock now free started to rise as Serene made her way down on her knees, she opened her mouth and licked her lips making sure they were wet, she turned Tony slightly so Sally could see her man's cock in front of her mouth then she took him in, making sure she didn’t go down very far on his shaft she left a smudge of lipstick at the end of his shaft, she swirled her tongue around his head & up and down his shaft.


Sally was staring intensely at them, it turned her on so much to see her mans cock in another woman's mouth, she could feel her nipples stiffen and that familiar feeling between her legs as her pussy started to get even more aroused. She switched on the toy Serene had given her, sat back on the couch one leg up on it and bent and started to rub the toy against her pussy.


Tony felt his wife put his cock in her mouth and could feel the way she played her tongue across it oh my god he thought that feels good but different, if he didn’t know any better he would say that another woman is sucking his cock, reaching up he pulled the blindfold from his face as the councilor was sucking his cock and his beautiful wife was sitting on the couch rubbing her very wet pussy with a toy. She looked at him and said, "Surprise."......

He couldn’t believe it they had talked about this many a hot night but could never work out the details to make it happen but clearly she did.


Serene had made her way over to the couch and had taken control of the toy, looking at jay she said, "I'll explain it for you. Your sexy wife contacted our agency to assist you with your thrupple fantasy, she filled out our experience guide of things you would like and I'm here to assist you in your adventure, but I do have some rules.

Rule 1 your wife is the boss it's her pace.

Rule 2 your wife being the boss is the one you are here to please, I simply fit in around you, now that we have that done your wife's pussy looks like it is in desperate need of some attention.


...................................................................... Part 2 to cum