The Ex Part 2 - James

January 18 2023

From this angle, he had perfect view of Jennifer’s luscious body. You could tell she looked after it, her curves accentuated in the softly lit room. Thomas was in front of him, eating away at Jennifer’s pussy. God he loved watching her thrive in pleasure from this angle. He definitely had to introduce a third again, maybe next they could find another girl to enjoy his 9” cock. The tip sat just on Thomas’s arsehole, he had sucked it so well that he didn’t even think he needed lube to enter him. He spat what saliva was left in his mouth with perfect aim, causing Thomas to jump a little as it landed right on his tip, slowly pushing inside his tight arsehole. The startle was enough for his thick head to finally enter Thomas, although he was cautious to not slide in too quickly, this was a tight virgin arse after all. The way he moaned and pushed his hips back made James think maybe it wasn’t so virgin though. Thomas’s moans and further advancements back on his cock signalled it was okay to push a little rougher. Slowly gaining momentum and depth, James buried his cock in Thomas’s arse.


Jennifer looked on in amazement, her eyes closing frequently due to the pleasure of watching her fantasy come true. ‘Oh fuck I’m cumming’ she exclaimed, gushing squirt across Thomas’s face. Thomas begun to smile through while adeptly using his tongue to enjoy the sweet taste. ‘Always wished you could have done that for me, so glad I finally got to see it’ Thomas said between slurps. ‘Don’t stop eating then’ she responded, grabbing the back of his hair and forcing his mouth down again. James had begun working up a decent rhythm, incredibly turned on by the scene unfolding before him. His cock was easily the hardest it had ever been, and here he was burying it balls deep. Watching his cock slide almost the entire way out, with just the tip of his cock staying vacuumed inside his tight hole. Before pushing hard all the way in, Thomas easily taking it. The moans he made urged James to quicken the pace. He looked across at Jennifer, unable to take her eyes away from his repeated deliberate long deep thrusts. She looked up briefly, their eyes meeting. She bit her lip, and nodded. James immediately begun to quicken his thrusts, continuing to take his entire length in and out. Thomas’s moans grew longer and deeper, signalling he was in immense pleasure. Now going at almost full speed,


Thomas’s arse cheeks slapping against his hips with every thrust. Their balls beginning to slap each other, a completely different sensation than he had experienced before. He could feel his orgasm building, still watching Jennifer as her eyes rolled back in ecstasy. The next time she came back, their eyes met, she could tell by his face he was about to cum. ‘Fuck yes, cum for me’ she said, her words like telekinetic powers, making his orgasm instantaneous. Thomas felt the pressure in the cock inside him build, he had been thoroughly enjoying being the centre of attention, his orgasm had been on the brink since he felt the full 9” of a real cock inside of him. He felt Jennifer begin to quiver, the signal of an incoming orgasm. ‘Oh fuck!’ They proclaimed in near unison, the release of orgasms. James fired first, his cock on the out ward thrust, a small amount of cum dripping from the hole his cock had left. Reaching down he begun jerking his cock to control the ensuing ropes of cum, one landing on his back, but most of it hitting Thomas’s shoulder or landing on Jennifer’s bare skin in front of his face. Jennifer watching this immediately came, again squirting all over Thomas’s face, his tongue doing a stellar work at stimulating her clit, his fingers adeptly working their magic inside her. Thomas feeling his hole begin to fill with cum also begun to ejaculate, all over the floor in front of him. He noticed the cum land next to his head, he quickly cleaned that up with his mouth, the mixture of his and her cum tasting so sweet.


James kept thrusting for a short time after wards, each of them exhausted from the three way orgasm. Eventually collapsing in a heap together in the floor, the three of them embraced and revelled in what had just happened. James was excited to now tie Jennifer up, so the two men could ensure she was well and truly orgasmed out before the end of the night.


  • OzRednecks

    11 Mar 2023

    Wow! What a hot, sexy, horny story. Please write more! 🙏 🔥 🤤

  • JoeLiKori

    18 Jan 2023

    What a fantastic end to the story! Looking forward for more!