M43 F43

The Dom and his subs

November 22 2023

He’d always wanted to see me with another women. I would tell him about how much i love the taste of a women and the sensual touch we can bring each other. How I love to hear her moan as I lick her sweet little pussy and the way she pushes my head down so my tongue buries deeper into her as she cums and I taste the sweet juices as they squirt into my mouth. Mmmm like heaven. I feel my pussy soaked from the excitement just talking about it.


He is in control of me now, I’m masters dirty little girl. His masculine voice makes me quiver with excitement every time I hear him speak.


I was lucky enough last week that master comes home and holds my chin and says baby girl have you been a good girl? I look deep into his eyes lovingly and say yes master always for you. He kisses my lips and says good I have a surprise for you… Waiting behind the door was a beautiful brunette, the first thing I noticed was her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. Wearing a very sexy black honey birdette bondage lingerie set, her curves in all the right places. Simply stunning and I could feel my pussy starting to get moist.


He orders our stunning friend (let’s call her Stacey) to kiss me as he watches on. Her soft lips pressed against mine and we begin to kiss with such passion, it felt incredible. After a couple of minutes he says beautiful girls, now I want you to take off Stacey’s bra and pleasure her breasts. I do so and slowly run my fingers around her breast as she stands there watching me, I begin to run my tongue around her nipples and have a little nibble, just enough to feel the soft touch of my teeth. Stacey sighs as she starts to feel my pleasure.

Master orders Stacey to do the same to me.

I can see he is getting hard. I stand still and allow her to remove my bra and she starts to suck my nipples. I moan with pleasure. Her mouth warm and soft and those blue eyes staring up at me were almost enough to lose myself.


Master says that’s enough. Both of you naked and on my bed. He watches us from the side of the room. He asks us if we would like a little taste of each other and we both say yes master.


Master says lay on your back and proceeds to walk towards us. He begins to touch both of us gently with his hands up our thighs teasing us before he slides 1 finger from each hand inside our little pussys and says good girls now you may taste. He slides his fingers out and takes them up to each of our mouths so that we taste each other.


Stacey tasted Devine and I wanted more. I lean over, my face nearing her pussy when master slaps my pussy saying naughty girl you wait.


My punishment, allowing master to taste Stacey first. I watch with excitement as his tongue teases her all the way up her thighs until his tongue reaches that sweet beautiful little pussy. He moans with pleasure as he tastes her. She moans feeling his deep moan vibrate through her clit.


He doesn’t finish her, he just wanted to tease me for not waiting. He says now Stacey may taste you. Her pussy dripping wet from masters pleasure, she teases me the way master teased her until her tongue reaches my clit. Her tongue felt so amazing that I was almost ready to cum immediately.

Master could see my back arch and hear those moans and tells me don’t you cum until I’ve given permission. I try and hold off but she is incredible.


Master says ok Stacey that’s enough enjoying my girl and allows me to taste her finally. I eat her pussy ravenously, I am starving for that pussy by this time. I hear master breathing deeper as he gets excited watching me devour a gorgeous pussy that he know tastes Devine.

He can’t wait any longer to enjoy us, master orders us to lay side by side as he fingers me and tastes Stacey again. Master makes me squirt and I scream with pleasure and Stacey cums in masters mouth, he moans enjoying her pleasure and then comes to kiss me so that I may enjoy her pleasure too.

Master orders Stacey to make me cum again using her tongue and very quickly I’m having a multiple orgasm.

Good girls he says now come and suck masters hard throbbing cock like good little sluts.

He sits on the edge of the bed and we both share his cock and keep sucking until he cums hard shouting fuck yes!!! Stacey taking his cum then kisses me so that I may taste master.


I know that’s not all he’s got so I suck him some more to keep him hard.

He says be a good girl and come sit on my face while Stacey rides me.


So I make my way to place my pussy upon masters lips so that he may enjoy my sweet pussy while he gets fucked. She rode that cock hard and I could feel the pleasure through his moans on my clit. Stacey is getting really wet, soaking masters balls in her cum.

He moans louder as he feels her wetness running down his leg. Making us all moan together. I feel masters mouth eating me harder and faster, absolutely devouring me and I knew he was getting close to cumming again.

He suddenly stopped and made us swap positions, I was then riding masters cock and Stacey took a seat on masters face.

I made sure to ride him hard so Stacey would feel his pleasure through his moans.

It wasn’t long before he exploded inside me and I hear Stacey’s screaming orgasm.


Master says good girl, now you will lick my cum from her pussy Stacey and she says yes master. Masters cum felt so nice being licked around, swirled on my clit, it wasn’t long before I cum in Stacey’s mouth.


We all got to finish twice and master says now girls let’s shower and we will come and lay cuddled up together before round 2……