The Bolivian Nurse, South American hospital sex :True story

March 20 2023

Late at night in La Paz in Bolivia I sat quietly in my room looking at my two broken wrists; Id fallen climbing a cliff in the Andes. Sex seemed far from my list of things to do. I was broken, isolated and alone. Every night a nurse came and did my ops, she was an intern, young and gentle, very quietly spoken. Her name was Nadia, she was 22 small stature. Every night she would quietly check my vital signs and ask how I was. She wasn't fluent in English but we slowly learnt about each other as time went on. She would lingeringly place her tiny hands on me as she went about her duties.

Id look forward to the night shift, and when she came to look after me. This night she came and did her routine, I asked if it was very busy and she quietly explained it was very quiet. I watched her in her blue cardigan, doing her duties her dark Indian long hair and tanned skin. I told her I thought she was very beautiful and she smiled and came to me and her small hands caressed my cheek.


She asked if I needed a hand with showering, and I said yes. I was embarrassed as its less than pretty how dirty you get in hospital. We went to the shower and she carefully undid my gown, she seemed so professional I never expected anything to happen. She locked the door and turned on the shower, before she turned the shower on she looked at me and put her arms around me kissing me, my cock was hard as rock and she grabbed it stroking it.


She took off her nurses uniform and her delicious pert Incan breasts stood to attention.

We have to be quick, she said in her Spanish accent. She turned on the warm shower and cleaned me dutifully paying attention to my cock. Her breasts covered in soap slippery up against my chest as we kissed. She turned around her perfect round dark skinned ass and pussy waiting.


I pushed the head of my cock in her pussy, she was only wet with the shower water, she was so un believably tight, I felt I was hurting her as she made noises of pain. I asked if she wanted to stop and she said no fuck me.

I pushed in and after a few strokes she was so wet and warm, it was hard with my wrists but I smashed up against her cute little ass as she panted and screamed holding onto the rail.


We fucked furiously both pent up from stress and pain , I pulled out and glorious streams of white cum smattered on her torso and ass. She washed it off in the shower flushed in the face hurrying to put back on her uniform, she dressed me and herself and returned me to my bed as if nothing had happened