The Blessing

September 03 2023

“been a while sexy man. Are you well? I’m organising a wild night. Interested?”


It has been a while. Years. Fucken COVID. Not that I’d forgotten her. But it felt like one of those things, those experiences that hit such high notes that maybe you shouldn’t go back again in case it doesn’t live up to how it was, and maybe how it still lives best in memory. I’ll never forget the first time I met her, her husband, the other guy, another guy and one more guy.

It was wild. But not like an adrenaline hit. It was lucid, intense and deeply erotic.


She made sure to drag out the chat. I knew there was much more to her, so I didn’t mind. In fact, I liked it. Never saw her face. Just a snippet of her too good to be true body when lucky. She wanted interesting men. Build us up around her into a network of desire. Physical, mental and soulful. Smart woman. A wild night was organised. She wanted to be ravaged by well hung hard cocked men of substance for a night. She’s Egyptian she said. She was a dancer so had the kind of body that made your eyeballs drip precum. That night though, she cancelled last minute. The other guys couldn’t make. I asked if we can go ahead just me and her. No, she said. It’s not what she wants. Smart woman.


A month later and another wild night was booked in. I remember being almost nonchalant about it thinking it was bullshit and she’d cancel again. It got closer to meeting time and I hadn’t heard anything. Good? Bad? I was out anyway enjoying the late spring at a friend’s birthday, so was distracted. Then, a message. With the hotel, the room number and a very stirring “can’t wait to feel you inside me”.

I played it cool(ish) and left the birthday, I was on a mission. Even just to see this woman. I needed to experience her, for better or worse.


I arrived. It was lush but not gaudy. Perfect. Past reception. Into the elevator. Down the corridor. The door. I knock. Deliberate footsteps, high heels tick like a clock counting down as they get closer. The door slips open and an eye, a hot dark eye peers out and drinks me up. Then the door opens wider and it’s two eyes beaming from behind a lace masquerade mask with a smile. I step inside. She’s in a tight black skirt that grips her hot figure, plunges at the chest to reveal her caramel skin almost to her nipples and hikes up enough to make you wonder if her dancer’s thighs ever end.


My hands on her hip and we get closer. Scents and body heat act like a magnet and lips meet. Softly at first. Then more. She’s a dream. My hands finally find where her legs end, her ass like a ripe plum popping out from a tight waist. The skin’s even finer there and she’s not wearing panties. It doesn’t take much teasing from my fingertips to get her almost dripping wet. She spins around and presses her butt into my crotch. She now knows how hard I am. And what I’m bringing to the game. I pull her thick, curled hair away from her cheek and neck to kiss, then run my tongue down her nape, her shoulders, her spine. She arches her back, turning that hot ass up in the air at me and the dress rides up to her waist as if a divine hand was helping. Her pussy peeks out from between that holy order of juicy butt cheeks and thick thighs. The trinity is complete, I plunge my face into communion. She moans. She tastes amazing. Both holes. Then she stops me. Kisses me again.






“so nice to finally meet you”


“and you”


She readjusts her dress then leads me down the hall, through the open plan penthouse with a 4 poster bed in the middle of the room and out onto the balcony overlooking the CBD. She introduces everyone. Her partner. The corporate guy. The oyster farmer from Tasmania. The motorcycle racer. Nice dudes. Nice for her. She tells them I’ve already tasted her ass so no need for more talk. They laugh.


“shall we”


She’s telling not asking.


She’s magnetic. She steps inside through the sheer curtains. Slips the dress of with a smooth roll of her hips. Steps out of it. Stilettos still on, sits on the end of the bed with on leg up, smiling while biting one finger and giving us long looks with those dark smouldering eyes of hers behind the mask.


“what are you waiting for, don’t overthink”


I don’t remember anyone getting undressed but suddenly there we were. Naked. Hard. Divine intervention again maybe. Her husband remained dressed. He doesn’t play. He’s there to watch and keep her safe and a few other little things as I would discover. We surround her. She’s in her element. A kiss from each of us then one by one takes our cocks very deliberately in her mouth. She’s got us all night and she knows it. We know it. Linger.


Soon enough she lays back, opens her legs wide and presents herself to me. Like a bee to a flower, on a honey making mission. I usually start slow but take extra time here. Tracing her vulva with the wet tip of my tongue then gradually circling in, feeling every sweet fold and crease of her pussy. She’s moaning and I bet those vibrations feel nice on the three cocks she’s taking in her mouth now too. She’s not far from cumming but she stops me. Pulls me to her face and kisses me, savouring her flavour that’s all over my face. My hard cock is laying along her juicy pussy lips. I start grinding, sliding my shaft from base to head all along her lips, my cock glistening with her wetness. She’s grinding with me now. She’s pushing harder against me like she trying to…she slips me inside her. Raw. Oxygen leaves the room and the divine has made itself present again. We finally breathe out together and time starts again. I get my hips rolling too, like a locomotive driving deeper with each stroke. She’s spread wide, a cock over her forehead and a cock by each cheek. Stilettos up in the air and eyes now closed behind the mask. Her skin, it’s the perfect temperature. Like mother’s milk to a newborn. Her body lithe, supple, strong but elegant, curvy but lean as in just the right shapes in just the right places and just the right angles at all the right points. She’s a dream. A dream in a dream.


It went on for a couple more hours with each one of use having our way with her, or her having her way with us. I don’t recall anyone ever being more than an armlength away. Her husband, kindly would prop anyone up with pillows and even at one point held my foot so I could get a good hold to give her some solid fucking. Good man. A very good man.

It was while the oyster farmer, Marcus, was taking her from behind as she had the racer in her mouth and the corporate guy and myself in each hand that she took things to another level.


“cum for me Marcus. Cum in my pussy’


Marcus’ eyes widened, he huffed he shook. She said it again. That’s all it took, he roared and slammed himself against her hard as he unloaded inside her. No further words needed. A divine moment. He puffed and dropped to the floor. She grinned and arched her back just like she did in the hallway when she greeted me. Three of us peeked over like schoolboys to see the results. Her husband took the prime position as a nice big hot load slowly began oozing from her. In a blink the corporate guy swung around and slid his cock into her and began fucking her, churning the cum into a white-hot magnificent mess. There was barely a moment to get another cock in her mouth before he roared and almost sobbed. The dude dropped to the floor too, spent. An even bigger load flowing out of her now. She rolls over like cat. Playfully. Pulls her knees to her shoulder and gives us a both sweet and devilish smile.


“I want more cum”


The racer and I look at each other.


“are you ready?”


I can be but I say no because, I want to go last. This is the stuff of dreams. Dream in a dream in a dream. I’m definitely making the most of it. Lingering on every moment. Every drop. The racer takes a little bit longer but he fills her up soon enough. And when he eventually pulls his cum covered cock out, the three huge creamy loads sit welled up in her pussy, ready to spill over. It’s only how she’s got her knees pressed up to her shoulders preventing the waterfall. Cumfall. She’s staring at me. Beckoning. I both do and don’t want to. I like to edge so this space right now is just ...she grabs my cock and says


“don’t overthink, kiss me”


That’s all I need. I kiss her, then position myself over her. I plunge my cock into that glorious mess and it’s electric. The sensation ripples through my entire body. Nothing like it. The erotic sublime. Filthy and ecstatic. Dirty and divine. Somehow intensely intimate, as though we’re the only ones that ever lived and that this moment is the history of time. Even though she’s married. She’s done this with hundred of guys, maybe thousands and I’m making love to her with the loads of three other guys in her pussy right now.


I finally let go. It was like edging and cumming at the same time. An ultra slow-motion orgasm that I felt every nanometre of. Each pump of cum that shot into her. All of it bursting from her pussy and onto my cock, balls, thighs.


Her husband respectfully observed a minute of respect, then licked her clean.


The time I entered was 9pm, the time I left the next morning was 7am. I can’t remember the other guys but I came 3 times. She must’ve taken at least 10 loads. I was the last standing and my last cum was with the sunrise.


I was bleary eyed, jelly legged and sex hazed on the tram ride home. The early sun came through the window and washed over me like a baptism of nourishing sexual fire to make it all even more perfect. Then little voices broke my blissed-out daze and I saw two Filipina nuns chatting and giggling and looking at me. It was just us on the tram so it was definitely me they were talking about. I had no idea what they were saying, not sure I cared either. I felt I probably touched God and came in her pussy that night so……..maybe they knew that. I wonder.


I’m overthinking.


I’ve got a message to reply to.


  • Beeswing

    01 Feb 2024

    Like a bee to a flower, on a honey making mission he writes, so beautifully too. Oh @big_rig. YOU Sound just like the you I’m looking for. Smart Woman.

  • MsSexypants

    17 Sep 2023


  • Petite_Brunette

    08 Sep 2023

    “The erotic sublime. Filthy and ecstatic. Dirty and divine”. Beautifully poetic xx

  • LLLovee

    06 Sep 2023

    Any couple or ladies want's to chat online? :) Let's have a fun 😊

  • shakingthingsup

    05 Sep 2023


  • Zippycactus

    05 Sep 2023

    That was hot as. 🔥

  • HunknSpunk

    05 Sep 2023

    It’s like you’ve been reading my fuckit list fantasy diary 🤤 🔥

  • DoItRight

    05 Sep 2023

    Amazing rare experience, very well written too

  • VirtuosoGem

    05 Sep 2023

    This would be an absolute dream of mine! A very sexy, well written story 🔥

  • adigo

    05 Sep 2023

    This was a truly fantastic read! I personally love gangbangs with creampie endings. I totally get why you wanted to go last. Lucky you got to live such an erotic experience!

  • wanderlustQLD

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  • Lionboy

    05 Sep 2023

    Love to see her erotic belly dancing as a start move 😃

  • TheMinx

    05 Sep 2023