The Big One

November 25 2023

There he was hitting up my phone again, complaining of his sore muscles from yoga.

I looked across at my bedside with its unlit massage candles and smiled to myself.

“I’m ready” I messaged as I lit the candle.

I set up my laptop and put on my playlist, setting the scene was one of my favourite things to do. Candle light only and my front door unlocked for him.

As I heard the click of the lock I got up from my bed to greet him in my hallway and took his hand to lead him back to my room.

This certainly wasn’t the first time he’d been here, but something felt different.

I sat on my bed and he followed suit.

We chatted for awhile, like always, but it wasn’t until he showed me his heart rate on his watch and my hands found his that he cleared his throat and looked at the massage candle. I sat up straight and said “well make yourself comfortable…”

He took off his shirt and shoes and laid face down in the middle of my bed.

I blew out the candle and slowly dripped the oil all over his back admiring his muscles and every curve of his body. Setting aside the candle I wasted no time in running my hands along his body, up the center and sides of his back to his shoulders and neck, adding pressure when I heard his relief from my touch. I slipped my hands lower over his bum massaging his glutes.

After about 15 minutes of massaging his back he turned his head to the side and asked if I’d do his arms from the front.

Of course I said as he rolled over, now facing me, he flashed a cheeky smile at me as I swung my legs either side and sat in his lap to massage him. As I increased the pressure over his shoulders I found myself grinding my hips against his pelvis, he had closed his eyes as I then noticed how hard he was getting, so I decided to do the same and quickly found myself massaging his chest and grinding myself deeper against him, small moans escaping me as I bit my lip, opening my eyes to find him looking into my eyes as his hands grabbed my ass and trailed my body up to my breasts, unbuttoning my dress and freeing them of my bra. He pinched my nipples as I quietly pulled his track pants and boxers down, grabbed his hard cock and slipped it inside me. Fuck he feels so good inside me, I was still massaging him, running my hands all over him and up to his ears before lowering myself to his lips. No, I didn’t want to kiss him yet. I wanted him to watch me play with him inside me.

I leaned back, my hands on his thighs behind me pushing my chest out infront pouted my lips and rode him hard slamming his cock against my cervix making me gasp in pain and pleasure. Suddenly he moved his left hand under my dress and wasted no time in finding my clit. Circling it just as I do, sending me into a complete frenzy. My pussy was pulsing, my clit absolutely throbbing from his touch, my moans gained momentum while his other arm reached out for me I grabbed it and held on, his touch setting me on fire. His groans as he started cumming inside me sent me over the edge oh god I felt like a goddess. As we both took a moment to realise how we had gone from massage to intense fucking we both laughed and smiled. Before my devious side decided, well whilst I’m here… I’ll go again.


  • Home_Eric

    03 Dec 2023

    Lovely to read a story from you Bluezama. Really liked the dynamic you developed.

  • River246T

    03 Dec 2023

    A great way to finish a massage...great story.

  • ebunny23

    30 Nov 2023

    God, that sounds amazing. Nothing like an unexpected sexual experience, so much anticipation and Releif xx

  • johndee23

    30 Nov 2023

    I need one of those massages

  • Robaust

    29 Nov 2023

    Great story mate, you can write,thats for sure

  • massagetherapist

    29 Nov 2023

    Being a massage therapist myself I love reading this, I would love to have some fun with you.

  • smoothly

    28 Nov 2023

    Sounds like the perfect massage! 🤤

  • JustNAlex

    28 Nov 2023

    Amazing read 🤤

  • thedarkness

    27 Nov 2023

    What an erotic read. And such a lucky guy to experience a creampie with you no less