The Anniversary

February 24 2023

When I spotted them at the bar, her figure-hugging jeans immediately caught my eye. She was an extremely attractive woman in her 40’s with long straight mousey brown hair. The denim accentuated her curvy bottom and long legs. Her hips were wide and womanly. She wore a white jacket and black high heels. A delicious slice of cleavage sat invitingly across her chest. The husband was tall and handsome with a shaved head and strong athletic physique. He seemed confident and polite, and I immediately felt at ease.

Butterflies flipped in my stomach. I was struck by how pretty she was. Beautiful unblemished skin, a gorgeous smile, petite nose and lovely pouting lips. Her English accent was divine and sharpened my attraction towards her. The husband was strong in character, very proud of his beautiful wife and I could tell he didn’t mind showing her off. We spoke about their anniversary and about their experiences with swinging and group sex. We covered the highs and the lows and I, in turn exchanged a few of my experiences.

Before we ordered a drink, the wife removed her jacket (entirely for my benefit). She was wearing a floral singlet and the full extent of her large perky breasts was revealed. They sat proudly on her chest, and I felt the Husband getting a little toey as we continued to talk about sex and swinging and all of our sexy adventures. They were gagging for it. 15 minutes later we arrived at their beautifully presented large family house in the outer eastern suburbs. I was ushered into the large open entrance where the husband took my jacket and offered me a drink before leading me into the large plushily carpeted living room. The wife retreated for a moment as the husband, and I began speaking about any boundaries and particulars for the play ahead.

When the wife returned, she looked exquisite and relaxed. She sat down on the large, comfortable couch next to her husband and began kissing him. I sat on the other end of the couch and watched for a moment as the beautiful, attractive older couple passionately embraced and kissed each other. The husband looked at me and with his hand, motioned for me to join them. I slid along the couch and placed my hand on his wife’s thickening thigh, the stretching denim barley containing her curvy flesh. She stopped kissing her husband and turned to me and smiled. ‘Hello cutie’ she said placing her hand on my chin and bringing my mouth towards hers. Our lips softly touched, and I could smell her sweet empowering scent filling my mind with lust. The kiss was soft and delicate, sensual, and slow. Gradually we introduced tongues and her position shifted towards me, letting go of her husband’s safe embrace and beginning the process of submitting herself to me for the evening.

The kiss became heavy and passionate as the husband spread a soft, clean, fresh sheet over the carpet in the middle of the room. He then stood next to the couch behind his wife and began undressing. Upon removing his shirt, I noticed his strong muscular dad bod with very little body hair. He was fit and well groomed. The husband rubbed his wife’s shoulders and kissed her back, her hands began to explore, gliding over the crutch of my jeans and palming my chest. Anticipation was building.

Gently lifting her singlet top up over her breasts and head, the husband left her sitting next to me in her black lace bra and jeans. I removed my shirt and unzipped my jeans. The wife started kissing her husband but kept one eye on me, undressing in the corner. As I dropped my underwear on the floor, she stopped kissing him, transfixed on my penis beaming into the middle of the living room. ‘Take a seat lad’ the husband said to me, gently rubbing his wife’s back supportively. As I sat down, the wife stood before me. The husband unclasped her bra strap and her beautiful perky supple breasts fell away to either side of her chest. Her erect nipples and dark areolas made my penis tingle. Her stomach wore the marks of childbirth with the slightest hints of loose skin, stretch marks and cellulite. Her hips widened where the husband had already unzipped her jeans and guided them over her long slim, sensual athletic legs. She stood before me in a black lace g string, naturally beautiful and feminine, oozing her womanly qualities in generous portions.

She knelt before me. The husband resumed his position behind his wife, gently stroking her back and shoulders in that constant, supportive, loving way that allowed for such a relaxed and sensual atmosphere in the room. The wife’s elbows rested on my knees and her pretty face smiled at me seductively. I felt so lucky and so confident and strong and powerful. She seemed perfectly beautiful in that moment. Her femininity was strong and precise, kneeling before me submissively, in between her two men, prepared and ready. She gripped my penis in her left hand and kissed the tip, her eyes widened, smiling as she looked back at me with disbelief. She leant forward and took me in her mouth. The husband eagerly watching over her shoulder, pulling her hair away from her face and continuing that gentle massaging and stroking. He watched intently, savouring every second as his wife sucked me with a lustful aching desperate hunger. ‘I love watching her suck cock’ the husband said, looking at me in complete satisfaction and contentment. I sat back and gently stroked the wife’s hair and shoulders as she pleasured me. I felt content too.

The husband moved to the sheet on the floor where he signalled for his wife to lay on her back. I knelt down before her and began removing her g string. He knelt beside her too and she gently ran her finger along his leg. I parted her thighs and leant over kissing them gently before running my tongue over her moistening lips. A small, manicured mound of pubic hair sat neatly above her clitoris and there my attention was focused. My tongue slowly swirled around, and I nibbled in short bursts before I adopted a figure eight motion broken by long slow licks along the flaps of her now puffy and swelling vulva. My hands explored her thick thighs as I licked. I glided the palm of my hand over her beautiful womanly tummy. I reached for her breast, looking up to see her pleasuring her husband. He had a smaller penis than me. I’d say average size, not too thick and not too long but a neat package that his wife adored.

I shuffled in close, holding her ankles to the side and lifting them up into the air. She wriggled her bottom towards me and with one arm I held my body weight over her, pinning her thighs against her body and with the other hand I gently rolled the tip of my penis over her engorged lips. I felt two of her fingers on either side of my thick, firmed penis, guiding me inside. Her eyes widened immediately, the breath was taken rapidly from her lungs and her head and neck arched forward in heavy restrictive fast exhales as the realisation of my full length and girth was recognized. ‘Oh fuck’, I heard her shout as I began gentle movements back and forth. Her husband’s erect penis stood stiff next to her face as he too looked on aroused, in shock, grinning with pride as his wife accepted me inside her.

The husband loved seeing his wife with another man and enjoying another man. For her the thrill of being between two, strong, handsome, sexual men, devouring her and pleasuring her was blissfully sacred and profoundly arousing.

Sweat and juice stained the sheet below us before the husband whispered to his wife one final time. I couldn’t quite make out what he had said but the wife looked at him smiling yet not convinced. ‘I’m not sure I can take it, he’s too big’ she said, looking up with nothing but love and caring for her lustful horny man. With a pleading smile, the husband looked upon his wife with only belief and support and love in his eyes. The wife then manoeuvred herself onto all fours and presented her backside to me. ‘Ready to drive her home’ the husband asked me cheekily. The wife looked over her shoulder towards me, anxiously. I looked at her and asked if she was sure. “Yes, I want it, she said with aching desperation. ‘Though I’m not sure I can do anal, your too big. Could we start with doggy and see how it goes? I nodded, reassuringly and placed my hands on her curvy round bottom inserting my penis between her hungry lips once more. As I eased myself in, I felt her stretch and gape as I filled every spare inch inside her. She flinched and lunged forward as I pushed deeper and deeper. She sucked in short sharp breaths with her hand firmly on her husband’s chest. He knelt next to her gently rubbing her shoulders and hair, softly whispering in her ear.

Gripping two chunks of rump on the top portions of her bottom, I brought her back and forth against my thighs. I increased my pace and felt the slapping sensation building. ‘Good girl, good girl’ I heard the husband whisper to his wife as I found a steady firm rhythm. I dialled my game up to about 75% and was now hammering his wife hard. Still, I was holding back, careful not to hurt her. His wife began moaning and gripping the sheet below us with white knuckles. ‘oh fuck, he’s so big. Fuck me’. I looked at her husband, I could sense the energy building and the husbands arousal was brimming. I didn’t want to go any harder, but the husband looked at me with intent and said, ‘It’s what she wants’. He nodded for me to proceed, and I unleashed an absolute demolition and destruction of his wife’s now swollen pussy. She screamed and arched her back. I felt her lock onto my penis and convulse with every muscle in her body as I exploded inside her violently. We collapsed on the floor next to each other facing her husband. Her eyes closed, chasing oxygen, and savouring all the feelings. I lay lifeless behind her, breathing heavily and feeling perfectly satisfied and proud. The husband held his wife’s hand and kissed her lovingly and still, he rubbed her back.


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