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November 04 2023

A few days after a hot night of playing with a friend of Mary and Aaron's', they decided to look around for a friend with benefits on RHP.

This was very quick and easy as being in country Australia left very few choices and didn’t fill them with hope.

After looking around for a bit they had a match with a few couples that sent lots of messages, but no one seemed to be the right fit for them.


Their evening was ending with the overwhelming feeling of doubt at being able to find anyone.

But then the screen flickered, and the symbol turned red Mary clicked on the link you have been matched with Desiree.

The small info box that popped up displayed a pair of hot d size breasts in leopard print, Mary clicked on it opening up Desiree's info page.

After looking at her bio info of what she is seeking they clicked on the heart and sent a message with no expectation they could expect the first girl that fitted them would reply.


Over the next few days, they politely replied to the offers and messages they had from some very sexy people.

Mary had to return to work from holidays as Aaron kissed her goodbye, she told him to jump on rhp and see if I could find anything fun for the future like a party or hotel takeover.


As he opened the page a new message showed. expecting nothing, he clicked the link to find a message …... from Desiree.....

Desiree apologized for the time it took to reply but she had been on vacation overseas and thanked us for the compliment on the pics and the offer to chat. Aaron replied that Mary had gone to work but he couldn’t wait to tell her she had replied that night. After Mary and Aaron had showered, they sent a message back with some pics .


The next night after a few more pics back and forth Mary and Aaron started to get hot and excited at the prospect of sharing Desiree .

Mary jumped in the shower and after a short time Aaron entered but not before getting some very hot pics od Desiree.


Mary dried dressed in some crotch-less panties and left her boobs uncovered for Aaron to see.

Having looked thru the pics Desiree had sent caused them both to get turned on it wasn’t long before the camera was out and a couple new pics taken.

Mary was now very turned on and knew if she said some cheeky phrases to Aaron, he would take her to the couch place her across his knew and spank her for being naughty & it wasn’t long before Aaron could feel her wetness soaking thru the knickers onto his leg, he helped Mary sit up and upon seeing his cock took him into her mouth .

At the moment she slid him into her throat the screen flicked and up came a pic from d a full face shot it was like she was instantly there watching as Mary took him in, without missing a beat she glanced at the screen and let out a small little whimper as she saw Desiree's face watching her lick the shaft of her husband's cock. She jumped up grabbing Aaron by the hand and led him to the bedroom she switched on the red-light he had put in the room and pushed him onto the bed again taking his cock in her mouth again.


Aaron spun around beneath her so they had entered the 69 position and held her ass checks apart exposing her tight rose and wet pussy ready to be explored he ran his tongue from the top of her bum down to her rose circled it then pushed inside a little at the same time spanking Mary on her bum.

Mary let out an involuntary moan of excitement at being pleasured with the shock of the spank and ground her pussy into Aaron's mouth as he slid his tongue along the outside of her pussy lips up and down then lightly brushing her clit Aaron then began giving her clit little licks and sucked her pussy lips into his mouth tasting the sweetness of her pussy .


Mary pushed her pussy harder on his face and with him driving his cock up into her mouth and the sensations her pussy was going thru caused her to buck her hips slightly as she came on Aaron's face after her orgasm has settled, they moved position with Mary on her back Aaron got between her legs and put his cock on her pussy slowly rubbing it around and pushing the tip into her he asked her what would they be doing if Desiree was with them .


She didn’t have to think she knew what she wanted.

I want Desiree to lick my pussy getting it nice ant wet while you lick hers make sure you get it nice and wet for me so she can kiss her way up my body sucking on my nipples making them even harder, as I feel her nipples trailing up my body as she continues to make her way to my mouth swirling her tongue on mine. As her boobs rest on mine are nipples pushed hard against each other's then as we kiss I want you to get behind her spread her perfect bum checks apart and swirl your tongue around her rose and play with her pussy and mine.


Mary continued …...... I want her clit on mine I want her pussy to slide all over mine covering each other in cum so when you lick her pussy you can taste mine then when she has fucked me with her pussy, I want you to fuck her from behind while I lick and touch her pussy. I want your cock to make her cum and pull her cum from her pussy so I can lick it from you while you tease her rose with your finger .

It was at this time with Mary saying this to Aaron that he slid his cock into her pussy making her catch her breath and pause her thought for a moment he began fucking her with his cock as she spoke telling him she wants to pull his cock from her pussy and into her mouth tasting her from you. Aaron pulled his cock from Marys mouth with it glistening with her pussy all over it he moved it next to her so she could see it and asked her can you see Desiree s cum on his cock, Marys eyes widened and without saying a word moved her head forward opened her mouth at the same time grabbing his cock and slid it in sucking it rolling her tongue around it licking it clean.

Aaron did as he was told Mary is quiet and reserved till, she is turned on then her wild side takes over her inhabitations go and the glorious lover that she is springs forth in a whirlwind of ecstasy and passion the opposite to her librarian persona she is known for by those that are not her lovers and this he loved to explore with her.


He put his cock back into Marys pussy after teasing it a little by squeezing her pussy lips together and sliding his cock thru them and fucked her again sliding his cock in and out her pussy while he pulled on her nipples cover his cock with her again. He slid out of Mary and presented it to her she opened her mouth and put her hand on his bum he began fucking her mouth in little movements till Mary pushed on his bum forcing him to go deeper into her he pushed back against her then again sank his cock into her mouth.


It wasn’t long before he could feel the buzz that she gives him starting at the top of his head moving down his body he enjoys it till it moves past his chest and he stops knowing that if he continues, he will cum and they are both not wanting that yet.


Mary pulled him out of her mouth and looked him into the eyes and in a sexy lustful voice told him now cum in her pussy so I can lick every drop of my man's cum and hers from her pussy, he again followed her directions and moved down between her legs and entered her this time he lay forward on Mary with her legs together and his apart straddling her. It didn’t seem like it was very long before Aaron had held his breath as he began filling Marys pussy with his cum. Whilst still thrusting in and out of her until he could not hold his breath anymore as his orgasm subsided, he collapsed resting next to her as he played with her overly sensitive pussy, she looked at Aaron and said what are you thinking about jay replied how hot a lover you are and how much I want to share you with Desiree.


Mary replied she is very hot having the perfect size boobs that I love and you have never been with a blonde but it has always been a fantasy I can't wait till we meet up and play with her for real.


......night night.


  • Imup69

    09 Nov 2023

    That's exactly what I want. A lady suck another woman's and my cum of my cock then watch her eat the other girls cum and mine from her pussy!

  • maca14

    08 Nov 2023

    Fantastic hot story