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Tales of the cuck: Our first, with him (2/2)

November 28 2021

I sit at the head of the bed on my usual side, moving the pillows on to hers. There's 3 mirrored wardrobes on the opposite wall. The light is a little dimmer here, setting the mood, but I can still see. She has her back to him and his back to me, facing the mirrors. I can see front and back of them.

She's pressed up against him like standing spoons. He turns her neck to the side kissing her from shoulder to neck, to ear and back down. In the mirror her eyes are closed, enjoying his sensation of his mouth on her skin. His hand resting on her hip and the other is between her legs. Rubbing the outside of her pussy. Both her hands are cupping her breasts. She likes them being touched and kissed. I unbuckle myself, I'm hard now. Took a while, maybe it was the nerves during foreplay. My boxers are wet from my precum, a little more than usual.

She crawls on to the bed from her side. Resting on her elbows and knees she puts her head between her arms. Her ass and heels are in the air. Her back angled downwards like a playground slide. He stands in front of her ass wrapping his cock in a Durex feather light. T looks back between her legs, as he opens them. Wow, her fucking body, arched down like that, her ass looks incredible in the air. Those stockings, she looks like something out of Playboy shoot. I love her dolled up like this. He lifts one leg onto the bed and pulls her ass towards him. Her head comes out from her arms and I see her face, her mouth opens and her eyes widen and fixate on the wall in front of her. He's inside.

He fucks in long slow thrusts to start but picks up the pace quickly. One hand on her back stopping her from coming up and the other on her ass, spreading it slightly as he looks down at his dick disappearing into her. There's a sound of his body clapping against her ass as he goes in and squeaks from the bed as he pulls out. I sit up and grab my cock. I'd say a few strokes and it would be game over. I can feel it throbbing in my hand. The two of them are in their own world now. Like I'm not even there. I don't feel jealousy, lonely or pushed out. I got the best seat. For them it's all about the feeling. For me, it's about the view.

He climbs onto the bed pushing her ass down flat. She's now turned facing the mirrors. His hands holding her waist down, pinning her to the mattress as he straddles her from behind. She tries to raise her ass slightly but I don't think his cock needs any help reaching her from the back. His weight and strength has her locked. Her moans have turned to repeated screams, she's close. His moves are shaking the bed with 3 of us on it. She clinches the sheets and cries out a long scream "AWWWWWWWWWW". His fucking gets harder, faster. He knows it, he knows he's got her. Her scream continues however broken and higher in pitch, "aww, aww, aww, aww". Her hands let go of the sheets and try to reach behind her almost to try and stop him. He ignores her attempt and continues. It just made him go harder. My mind starts to focus on the bed and how good my assembling skills are. The neighbours, can they hear this?

Realising her body has become limp. He lays himself over her. His body completely smothering hers. I can only see her legs, motionless, between his. I can hear her under him, sounds like she's weeping or crying. She felt that. I felt that. The neighbours felt that. I haven't heard her make those sounds for long time. I can feel her ecstasy, I'm getting high on it. "Oh my fucking god, your pussy baby..." he mutters as his hips continue to push his cock into her.

He is now sitting next to me on her side. One foot on the floor the other leg spread wide on the bed.

"You wanna beer?" I ask.

"Nah mate I'm good" he replies pulling off the rubber catching his breath.

T has turned around resting on her elbows head back, looking at the ceiling.

"Ohhhh fuck" she laughs out.

Turning her head, with a huge smile, gazing over at him. The look of gratitude and satisfaction. She jumps up on both knees and shuffles between his legs. He leans over to put the used rubber onto bed side table. She goes down sucking him once again. He gathers her hair and holds it up out the way so we can see.

"Oh my god, your mouth. Yes baby" he tells her. After a few minutes T reaches over to the dresser and picks up a hair tie, on her knees between his legs she begins tying up her hair. He leans forward to kiss her boobs. She puts her hair into a top knot and pushes him back against the bed. She goes down on him again. He sits back with his hands over his head watching her. I'm out of beer, again. I leave taking a quick piss on my way.

I return to the bedroom. T is still going down on him. She moved onto my side of bed. Her technique has changed. Her head bobbing up and down with both her hands twisting and stroking him in the same rhythm. His hands at his side pushing into the mattress. Eyes tightly shut and biting his bottom lip showing his top teeth. His toes are pointing to the mirror, legs shaking and tensed. I think he's gonna blow. I move closer to him for a better view. I hope she pulls it out as he's cumming so I can see it or maybe she'll suck it dry and drool it out. T is not a swallower, but she gives an incredible cum in mouth. I crack my beer open. She stops! His body relaxes and his eyes open.

"Can you take my shoes off baby?" I chuckle to myself and make my way around the bed. He exerts a long breath. "What a bitch" I tell myself, "haha, sorry buddy".

She reaches over him and picks up another Durex from the bedside table. Opens it and places it around him. He shuffles down the bed almost laying flat. I've taken off her heels and put them on the floor, sitting at the foot of the bed this time. She brings one leg over him. Hovering her pussy over him, she licks her fingers and massages her saliva on to her pussy. She drops down to both knees into cowgirl, searching for his cock behind her and guiding it to her lips. She sits back taking most of him inside. She lifts her feet on to his thighs and using her arms pushing down on his chest starts to lift herself up and down. Arching her back a little when she reaches the top. I feel my cock pulsating and my balls tingle watching her. She's looks so good fucking him. Their eyes are locked.

"Yeah? Yeah?" She asks him.

"Oh fuck yes baby, just like that" slapping her ass.

He kept trying to touch her as she fucks him and she repeatedly throws his hands away. Only the next attempt she grabs his wrists and pins them above his head. This guy looks like he's never missed a day at the gym in his life. He could easily throw her against the wall if he chooses to, but he plays along pretending like she's overpowered him. Her tits hang above his face and he leans up and sucks one of them into his mouth. Her hips are now gyrating with him deep inside.

She lets go of his hands and sits up straight taking whatever's left of his cock. His hands grab her waist, holding her as she violently bursts into a high pitch yelps. Her body shudders and she slowly comes to a stop, collapsing over him, allowing me to see his cock all the way in her. Balls deep, as the saying goes. Her ass is open wide and I can see it contracting, she's still cumming, their bodies lay still. He runs his hands gently up and down her back as she catches her breath. Her asshole has stopped now.

Wow, so that's what it looks like when I feel her cumming. I stand up and move towards the door sipping my beer. T is sitting up with him still inside.

"Woo" she says sliding off him sitting at his feet.

He jumps up to his knees and grabs her by the ankles and pulls her into him making her fall on to her back. Holding her legs up like he's on a cross trainer, he slides his cock into her and begins to fuck her. He rests her leg over his shoulder and pins the other to the bed, giving me a perfect view.

There's nothing gentle about him anymore, he means every thrust. T is holding on to the foot of the bed, stopping her head from hitting the frame. His pace has increased. She looks down at his cock and then back up to his face, nodding at him.

"Yes, yes, that's it" she tells him.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck" he yells.

Every muscle in his body is now flexed. He pulls his cock out and rips off the rubber. T raises up on to her elbows watching him stroke his cock.

"ARGHHHHHHH" he cries out arching his back pushing his pelvis towards her.

His first shot goes over her shoulder leaving a trail of cum from her pussy. Followed by 2 or 3 large spots landing on her boobs, then several more falling into a pool on her stomach. His body shakes and he stops jerking himself.

"Argh, argh, argh, argh" he moans softening on each repetition.

Holding his cock, still dripping, she reaches down to help stroke him some more, but his body jolts and he pulls away "argh, argh" he moans for the last time.

He sits back, his cock still twitching every now and then, breathing heavily. His hand resting on her leg. Smiling, almost laughing. T still on her back looks over to me.

"Feel good babe?" I ask her.

She just giggles and asks for a towel. I leave the bedroom and whilst finding clean towels for the both of them, I pause... "holy fuck, did that just happen?"


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