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Tales from the cuck; our first time, with him (1/2)

November 15 2021

I take another sip of my beer as we continue to make small talk before we hear the bedroom door opening. "Are you ready boys?" She calls out. He's been ready for weeks. Me, still nervous and scared of what's about to unfold.

His concentration moves to the corner of the room away from me. I follow. She's standing there dressed in her navy lace jumpsuit from Honey Birdette, that I gifted her when I got home from England. Her adidas stockings because of the three strips around the thighs and her killer heels from YSL that she will only wear on carpet. Her hair is tied up, wearing large hoop earrings. Lips are pink, with a lot more gloss on than usual. Her false lashes and dark smokey eyes are such a devilish sight when she's looking up at you.

"Oh my god", he stands up grabbing her by the waist.

"Where's my drink?" Ah fuck, I forgot to pour her one. I go into the kitchen as she pushes him back on the sofa to sit down. I get the scent of her perfume, Burberry I think or maybe Ralph. I'm not sure but it's sweet on the nose.

"Here you go darls", both legs resting over one of his. She takes the drink with one hand as her other grasps him. His breathing has become more noticeable, gently kissing her neck as she turns around to me, "thanks babe."

His hands are all over her, he doesn't know what to touch. Pulling her in for a deep french kiss. My heart is pounding like a drum. I bet they can both hear it. This is exhilarating.

She keeps stroking him through his pants, which are looking like they're sprayed on right now. He's big, not huge, but bigger than me. My cock however isn't up yet, maybe nerves, maybe my brain asking myself "what the fuck." But this rush, it's incredible.

He slides himself off the sofa onto his knees opening her legs, carefully ducking under her heel. He unclips her jumpsuit. Whilst she sips on her drink with her other hand caressing the back of his head. "Oooh," she throws her head back against the sofa. Omg, this dude is eating my girl's pussy, my senses are all over the place. I can't sit still.

She lifts up her pelvis so he can work his tongue between her ass. Down he goes and back up, sucking her clit into his mouth. She lets out that sexy little yelp all girls make when you find it. He pushes one of her legs aside so I can see. T has put her drink down now and has both hands around his head. Running her manicure through his hair.

She looks over at me as he continues to dine at her. Her mouth open with that look in her eyes. "I love you," she whispers. She turns back to look down at him moaning louder as both her legs close, she pushes him away. Not yet!

He takes a breath, wiping his mouth. Sitting up, "oh my god" she says. I think she liked it. He stands up and moves closer to her, pulling his shirt up over his body. Man this guy is fucking ripped. I'm not gay, but he has both me and the Mrs looking the same at him. She unbuckles and pulls his zipper down. Sliding down his pants, his cock springs out. He's definitely a good size. She takes it in her hands running her fingers from his balls to the tip. She lifts up his cock, exposing his balls as her head leans under she sucks one of them into her mouth.

This is crazy! My heart, head and body can't handle it. I take another sip of beer and a deep breath. He looks over at me and nods as if to ask if I'm okay. I nod back and we both gaze back at her as she swaps one ball for the next.

She sits back up and strokes his cock in front of her face looking up at him as his hand touches the side of her face and his thumb on her lip. She moves him to sit down next to me, taking his pants completely off, socks included. He opens his legs as she kneels down between them, pulling his hips down a little so his balls aren't resting on the sofa anymore.

She sucks his balls into her mouth one last time before letting them go, with her tongue she slides all the way up him to the tip. Leaving her mouth open she wiggles her tongue side to side against the tip, before wrapping her mouth around it. With one hand groping his balls, the other on his stomach and her mouth up and down swallowing 2-3 inches of him at a time.

"Ohhhh fuck baby," he moans. "You're such a good little cock sucker" making us both giggle.

She's sucking him so good. It's wet and sloppy like if she was sucking my cock. The fact that she's loving it makes it even better to watch. Hearing him moan, I know that feeling buddy, it's like warm silk and she's softly making out with your head edging you, it's good, isn't it?

I head into the kitchen as my beer is out, I can still hear the slurps and pops she's making with her mouth on his dick. As I return they are both on their feet making out as she grabs him by his hand and turns toward the bedroom, he follows slapping her ass as she laughs. I follow...


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    04 Dec 2021

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    28 Nov 2021

    Hey everyone. Thanks for the lovely comments and messages. 2/2 submitted and pending...

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    Omg so hot making me wet

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    When is 2/2 released?

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    27 Nov 2021

    I did it with many couples and I know what you mean. They really enjoyed this scene. Hope your next part will be also similar to my previous experiences

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    25 Nov 2021

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