Taken 2

March 18 2020

Kate had shared with me her bold step in allowing Mo to touch her pussy while she showered and using his hand to finger herself to orgasm.

She admitted it turned her on immensely and with her hand wrapped around my cock identified that she was not alone in that thought.

I advised her that we knew Larry and Mo as friends. They were helping us in a shocking position trapped on the other side of the world. Kate continued to stroke and kissed me as she rolled over on her stretcher and backed her pussy up against my hard cock. I pushed between her soft arse cheeks and found her pussy wet and ready. I pushed my cock into her, reaching for her shoulder and pulling back to push deep. I held that position to avoid obvious movement and felt Kate playing with her clit. Her nails brushing my cock, something I had always loved.

I slowly pumped as she rubbed her clit. Asking if she was still turned on from the shower.

"Fuck yes," She said.

I asked did she want more to which she replied that she was getting it now. Was this really the answer I was looking for....and within seconds Kate filled the void by telling me that she wanted to see Mo's cock but held back as she didn't know how I felt about it.

I told her that her desire turned me on. I loved her for it.

"Fuck honey I could lose control here."

I told her that we will control it together and I was enjoying the rewards of her desire.

She stopped talking and came on the spot. Whatever thought went through her mind at that second took her across the line.

Larry and Mo were back the next day. We exchanged the usual chit chat but most importantly they told us that we would be exchanged by the end of the week. We were unsure what the collateral was but happy to hear the news regardless. We were over the moon but anxious at the same time.

Kate asked about being able to shower again and Larry and Mo exchanged glances. There was no doubt they had discussed yesterday's shower with Kate and Mo and were caught off guard when Kate asked straight up.

Their indecision was eased when Kate asked if her and I could go together this time.

Now they were puzzled and without better option agreed to take us. Both Larry and Mo chaperoned us to the bathroom and took a position by the basin pretending to not look as Kate turned the water on and undressed casually. Mo produced a small bar of soap which was something we hadn't seen for too long and passed it to Kate who reached out to take it from him. Her beautiful boobs changing shape as she extended her hand to him. Immediately she took her place under the water and wet herself before turning the water off and soaping up. Her body now covered in lather I watched as she "washed" her body. Squeezing her boobs and nipples as she soaped up.

The boys were watching as intently as I was...except I was naked and becoming hard fast. Kate turned the water on and rinsed off before curling a finger and inviting me under the water. Turning the water off she repeated the soaping process of my body. Starting to kiss me as she stroked my soapy cock and balls. I was unable to stop myself playing with her boobs and pinching her sensitive nipples. I could sense her desire was off the chart.

Her eyes were wild as she rinsed me off and dropped to her knees in front of me. Her knees on the hard concrete floor Kate looked me in the eye as she swallowed the head of my cock in her mouth. The head filling her mouth her tongue working wonders as she sucked and mouthed it. Her eyes darting to the boys who were glued to her ribald exhibitionism. Kate moved to rhythmically sucking my length. Rubbing my cock across her face and licking it. As she pumped my cock with her hand she asked me "Are you OK, do you mind that I am taking this further?"

I reminded her I was loving every minute by taking her hair in my hand and pushing my cock back into her mouth. Fucking her face, which was something we shared when in a kinky mood.

A little gagging and the face fucking had saliva dripping from her chin down onto her gorgeous tits. Her hand now moving between her nipple and clit as she took herself further across the line.

Within a second she whipped my cock from her mouth and demanded from the boys "Show me your cocks."

I could hear the desire in her voice. Fuck it was erotic.

Both men were already stroking themselves through their pants and willingly unzipped to let their cocks spring into the daylight.

"Bring them to me," Kate demanded as she continued to stroke my cock while I stood beside her. Both men approached her with dicks bouncing. Kate didn't hesitate and took one in each hand. Stroking, weighing and generally taking in the kinky scene in front of her. Leaning forward Kate licked at Larry's cock head before repeating the process for Mo.

In a flash Kate had taken Larry in her mouth and was immediately pumping his cock with her lips. Swapping to Mo to feed her need for pleasure.

Her need was high as I watched her push both cocks to her lips simultaneously. A blur of sucking, wanking and licking. I had slipped in beside her and was fingering her pussy rapidly. Alternating between rubbing her clit.

Without warning Larry began to grunt and held Kate's head. Kate quickly picked up on the twitch and pulled back as she aimed his cock at her tits as he unloaded stream after stream of cum. Her gorgeous tits now a sight of filthy sex as the cum ran down until it rested on the curve of her tit.

Wanking him furiously as she drained his cock then slipping Mo's cock back into her mouth, I stood behind Kate and pulled her to a standing position. She bent at the waist to continue sucking Mo. One hand around his ass while the other held his cock at the base.

I moved behind her and pushed my cock into her pussy. Soaking wet and steaming hot. Kate was moaning like a crazed woman around Mo's cock as I pumped her hard. Balls deep with every stroke. Her ass slapping against me as I pushed inside of her.

Our pace increased to rabid fucking. I watched as she took Mo's cock from her mouth. I hadn't picked up that he was cumming and watched as she held it against her cheek. The cum ran down her hand and his cock, covering her cheek as she smeared it around.

That sight and the sound of her impending orgasm was enough for me. I fucked her as hard as I possibly could. Giving her everything I could to take her over the line. Her orgasm was wild. She lost control, licking Mo's cum covered cock as she bucked against me.

I buried my load deep inside of Kate's pussy and for a few seconds Kate fell to her hands and knees to recover. She surprised me when she then raised herself up and walked to Larry who had watched the final play. She led Larry to the ground in the laying position. I think he thought he was in for more cock sucking but he was as surprised as I was when Kate straddled his face and fucked his tongue as he followed her instruction to lick and eagerly he did. Kate had a follow up orgasm in less than a minute as she ground her clit down on his tongue. She later told me that she got off on reclaiming the power in the room while feeding him her cum-filled pussy, making him taste both of our cum.

The shower came in handy for a final clean up. Kate and I whispered our approval of what had just taken place and how much we had enjoyed it. We all returned smiling to our room for our final couple of days of detention.

Part 3 - Finale to follow.


  • ferrett_65

    01 Apr 2020

    Loven it so far, can wait for part three?

  • LandZ70

    24 Mar 2020

    Hi guys, To better enjoy this story please take a look at the first "Taken" which leads into this story. Hope you enjoy. Cheers L :)