February 24 2020

Kate and I had enrolled in a three month volunteer program in the middle east working alongside locals in remote areas rebuilding their infrastructure. These areas were distant from any major population and were ignored by government funding. The aid organisation was doing what it could do to plug the gap by supplying labour and materials to assist. Primarily small buildings supplied in knock down form and modulated to create larger community spaces such as schools, community centres and health offices.

The conditions were what we had anticipated but not what we had hoped for. As hot as hell itself during the day, freezing at night, dust on top of dust and pretty ramshackle accommodation. At least there was plenty of food and we were enjoying learning the local dialect as we shared work and meals with the local community. We were among a crew of 6 - 2 Canadians, an Italian guy and the volunteer organisation rep from the U.S.

We were in bunk accommodation with the Canadian couple who were beef farmers. A very nice couple. The Italian guy was hilarious, loosely in touch with reality and as genuine as they come. He slept in a hammock outside in his sleeping bag, oblivious to the freezing night temperature. Our organiser was great but always had an edge about him. He spoke the local dialect well and was always arranging us to support the work of the locals. He had his own accommodation.

Our heads spun for the first month as we did all we could to get the lay of the land. Learn who was who in the zoo and pick up what we could of the language. We were regularly in a crew with four locals and worked closely alongside two labourers Mohammed - who we quickly nicknamed Mo - and Arek, who we nicknamed Larry. We brought them up to speed on the three stooges and they could see the joke.

We learned that Mo was studying before the war and Larry worked in a nearby regional centre as a concreter. They were great workers. Loved a joke and were learning English as fast as we were learning Afghani. It made for an interesting mish mash conversation.

I picked up that the tour organiser loved a drink....nightly and also had taken in one of the local girls as his partner. She would appear toward the end of each night and take him away three sheets to the wind. On one occasion I noticed a half shiner on her cheek. Larry and Mo also saw it and were talking when I asked them. They said that she wanted to leave this country with Jonathon when his work here was done and put up with his drinking and whatever that brought.

That night we were fast asleep when there was a hell of a commotion. Utilities were flying into camp at a fast rate of knots. Lights on high beam. There was yelling and screaming. I looked out the window to see Jonathon being dragged across the courtyard that separated our buildings. He was brought to a man I had never seen before and thrown to the ground. The man kicked him and bent down to speak to him before he was dragged away.

My mind was racing...this is noooooooooot good. Our door flew open and militia came in ordering us to dress. I told Kate to take warm clothes as anything could happen here.

We were taken to utilities outside and driven in the night for around half an hour before we came to a group of buildings. I had seen these before as we passed by. It was a set of half destroyed buildings from what I imagine happened during the war.

We were taken inside and along with the Canadian couple seated in a room with a table and 4 chairs.

The man we saw kick Jonathon entered and very briefly told us that Jonathon had murdered his girlfriend that night. We were now being held until the aid organisation bought Jonathon's life for him and our subsequent release.

Kate and I were taken to a room alone. The room had two stretcher beds and nothing else there. No amenities. A boarded up window.

This was to be our life for the next week. A guard sat in the room with us 24/7 as the boarded window did not look that secure. His automatic weapon looked very secure, however. The militia spoke no English and their language was unforgiving. We understood a little but not as much as we did from Larry and Mo. We were well fed and able to use the toilet under supervision. There were no showers.

Around nine days in Larry and Mo came to the room. They were now dressed as Militia. With the construction ending they were forced to join and it was their turn to guard us. We talked with them. They had not detailed their friendship with us and it was heartwarming to have friends in the room. They told us what they knew of the murder and subsequent negotiations and thought that we would be free soon.

Kate asked if there was any chance that she could get some water to wash with. The men spoke quickly, hard to follow and Larry left. Mo told us he would see what they could do.

Larry returned and told me to follow. He led me to a bathroom. A toilet on one side and a shower on the other. He smiled and intimated for me to help myself to the shower. The water was cold but refreshing and being clean felt amazing. It was odd showering in front of another guy but, hey, it felt great to be clean again. The large unprotected window above the basin offering escape clearly the reason Larry had to ensure I didn't do anything silly and try to escape. There was no towel so I dried off with my shirt and returned to our cell. Larry then signed for Kate to follow. I wondered if he would wait outside for Kate. Surely.

Shortly Kate returned. Smiling at me as she came into the room. Her hair tied up in a bun. Clean and wet.

"Everything OK?" I asked.

"Yes sure she said, why"?

"No reason," I replied and put my question to the back of my mind.

That night we slept. Our stretchers pulled together I had to discuss the shower arrangement and chuckled as I told her I had to shower in front of Larry.

Kate said "Don't feel odd honey, I had to as well. Please don't be mad but I needed that shower so badly."

I told her that I understood and it was ok. I did ask if he looked away and she said "No, he just went silent and stared, poor bugger. I don't think he has seen a European woman naked before in the flesh, the cold water had my nipples so erect he probably thought I was teasing him."

I assured her that he had now seen the best and she slipped her hand across in the half dark and felt my cock which was hard.

"Mmm someone is a little turned on," Kate said and slipped below the blanket where she gave me the most spectacular cock sucking until I filled her mouth with my cum. Stifling my moans of pleasure as best I could. The guard was playing on his phone in the corner of the room and was oblivious to her desire.

Kate slid back up beside me "That tasted great baby. Thank you," she said before we slipped into silence and our own thoughts.

We never saw Larry and Mo for a couple of days until they returned to guard us again. The usual chit chat and update took place. We were within days of freedom. Larry asked if we had showered since their last visit. I said that we hadn't and he took me first again for the shower. Larry made small talk with me while I waited and then Mo took Kate to the showers this time. When Kate returned from her shower she raised her eyebrows to me and whispered "that was interesting," while she sat down.

I knew I would have to wait that night to find out what the raised eyebrows were about...

Under the anonymity of darkness I asked if she was OK again. She said that she was. Very much so.

I asked about the raised eyebrows. She told me that when she had undressed to shower Mo watched her closely, pretending not to but not able to tear himself away. Kate admitted that she enjoyed the attention and it turned me on to know that she had been watched by our new friends.

This was no different to last time, I thought, until Kate told me that Mo had asked about her hair free pussy. Laser had taken care of her pussy hair a long time ago. Kate being a little bold told me that she touched her pussy and tried to explain laser to Mo with no hope. Merely touching herself in front of Mo was making her wet. Instead he came closer and moved his hand toward her pussy. She said that he made eye contact with her and asked for permission to touch. I asked did she allow it?

With that she took my cock in her hand and replied "Yes."

She stroked my cock as she described him touching her pussy, and then she stroked harder as she described how she took his hand in hers and used it to play across her clit before allowing him to finger her as she leaned back against the shower wall.

I asked for more information as she described how his touch brought her to orgasm in the shower. As she leant against the shower wall to recover Mo moved back to admire her.

She then collected herself and returned to our cell. She told me that she was sorry that she had let it go that far but was incredibly turned on and needed the pleasure.

I assured her it was ok. We had fantasised about sharing her while at home, we just hadn't envisaged it happening while being held hostage in the middle east. I asked her if she had wanted more?

Kate kissed me and whispered...

"God yes. I haven't been so turned on for such a long time."

To be continued....


  • 69tattoorob

    04 Apr 2020

    Nice story had me thinking she let him have her bet he masturbated later thinking about her no hair pussy only ever seeing the women over there with a big mass of black hair. Please can't wait to see how far she goes next time thinking she will let the guards fuck her then return after her shower telling him about how they seduced her giving a DP like she only ever fantasised about!

  • Traceybigboobs

    20 Mar 2020

    Sensationally erotic. Please don’t delay with the finale.

  • softride

    19 Mar 2020

    I'm hard after reading that. ??

  • LandZ70

    19 Mar 2020

    Thanks for the kind words guys. I am glad you enjoyed. Part 2 is already with RHP for release in good time.


    19 Mar 2020