Take me (a submissive’s plea)

May 11 2021

Take me away from the noise of the every day.

Away from the lists of things to do churning through my mind.

Away from the demands of those clamouring for my attention.

Away from the banalities of everyday life.

Strip me. Not just of my clothes but of my sense of self.

Make me kneel. Make me stand. Make me how You want me. Pliable to Your will. Make me whine, plead, yelp, scream, beg, cry. Objectify me. Use me. Not just for Your own pleasure but to take my pride, my ego, my identity. Make me drool, gag, drip, gush, cringe, convulse.

See my eyes. See the initial excitement turn into trepidation. Not just at what You will do, but how You will make me feel. See the fear. Not fear of You but fear of seeing my darker desires waiting to be realised from inside me. The greedy girl inside. See the sharp flashes of pain flicker and ignite. Not just physical but mental as You deride me, humiliate me by reflecting my deep seated insecurities with your words. Then watch acceptance descend over me as i shed my identity, becoming a quiet but mewling lump of quivering flesh for You to mould. Calmness now overwhelms as i surrender my sense of self. Now just a thing, an object.

It is time. Time now for You to change the calmness into a raging cauldron of desire. Fingers, cock and toys intrude, taking what You will. Doing what You will. My body responds quickly and animal noises leak from my mouth and wetness leaks from my body. My flesh reacts and pushes against the intrusions, wanting more more more.

The independent self obsessed self reliant feminist woman that is presented to the outside world is gone. Subsumed by the wanton raging greedy toy needing it all. All of You. Everywhere. Gimme gimme gimme. Explode me. Implode me.

Finally. Exhausted from both the mental and physical abuse, Endorphins and adrenaline still coursing through the fabric of my mind and body, i float above my physical self. Sense of time, place and identity are lost. i am lost but i am also found. You gather me in Your strong arms and hold me close until my quivering body calms. Then feel my tears of release and gratitude for this special gift dampen Your chest.