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    What started it all (true story)

    I had just started hooking up with men. A late bloomer, it was like a spark had ignited within me and I had not care in the world with any repercussions that followed. I had met a very burley...


    Posted on: July 19 2023

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    I hate that I love

    I was after a lose night as I was just horny and wanted to get my end wet. Id spoken to someone on line and being a sure thing with a hot women (at least I thought) I was so impatient I skipped her...


    Posted on: April 15 2023

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    bi 3way

    After making arrangements to meet a 40s married couple at the Q1 on the Gold Coast, I made my way to the apartment. The door opened and I was instantly surprised to see an older style drs chair...


    Posted on: February 07 2023

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    The instructions were clear. The stockings needed to be sheer, black and to the waist. I was to wear them under my jeans upon arrival. I sent a text to the husband. ‘I’m here’. As I waited for a...


    Posted on: February 03 2023

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    Deep impact

    Today I decided that I would go and see this gorgeous trans woman who I have been speaking too. When I arrived she was just wearing a robe. Upon entering the bedroom she took her robe off,...


    Posted on: September 25 2022

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    The Shed

    The Shed by L.T.Hardy A thudding bass drum pumped loudly through the dark, empty room. The bar was quiet. The dance floor, sparse. It was early. A regular Saturday night at The Shed. I found my...


    Posted on: July 01 2022