Suzi ... a private dance

January 02 2022

This was my first time in a strip club, I’d always been too scared to go into them before. I’d seen them in movies and tv, and they always looked so seedy and notorious. However, I had decided to try and broaden my mind and what better way to start.

I felt a flush rising in my face as I entered the darkened corridor that led to the entrance, the bouncer looked menacing as he pointed to the cover charge sign, I checked in and handed him my money. I think he knew I was scared, he chuckled slightly as he took my money.

I walked into the room and my brain almost exploded. It was dark and menacing, the music pumping out of the speakers was loud and bass driven. Looking around the room, there was four poles in the centre of the room, on a stage. There was a little stage with a single pole in the corner, a raised platform and lots of bench seats along the walls. The nightclub lighting was flashy and bold, and targeted at the stages.

The women, how can I explain the women, there were short girls, tall girls, thin girls, bigger girls, girls of every nationality and the outfits were barely there, they weren’t naked, but very close. The strips of fabric provided modesty at best and of course the allure to find out more.

As I was standing in slack jawed wonder, a sexy girl in lace lingerie approached me and asked if I wanted a drink. Her breasts were incredible, they did not need the bra to support them, and her waist was tiny until it reached her hips. It took me a moment to collect my thoughts and reply that I’d like a beer. She took my hand and led me to a booth, where I sat down and waiting for the next step in this adventure.

I was looking at the stage, where two girls were naked on the poles, playing with two bottles of champagne. There were plenty of horny men watching the show and more than one that was willing to pay to cover the girls in champagne. I could see that the girls were very good at their jobs, based on the stack of cash that was on the stage from willing participants.

As I sat there drinking my beer and watching the show, I had several sexy ladies come over and ask me to join them in a private dance. I politely declined, partly because I had no idea what they were talking about, but also because I was very certain that I would have no idea what to do.

At one point I was chatting to a dark skin beauty, who told me she was from Singapore, and she was a ballet dancer. As we were chatting, and she was so approachable, I asked her what a private dance involved. She took the time to explain it all, very eloquently, also told how much it cost. She laughed as my eyes expanded in what could only be described as surprise; it was educational.

She asked if I was interested, and as I was still processing it all in my head, I politely declined and asked if she could come back and ask me again soon. She was working and quickly lost interest in me. She was polite enough to smile as she left, knowing that I was unlikely to be giving her any money tonight.

I was almost finished with my beer and my mind was wheeling from all the new information that I had received. I was considering whether I should get up and go home, chuckling to myself, thinking too much mind expansion in one night was probably dangerous for me. I looked and approaching the stage from behind the curtain I saw you.

Dressed in a crimson red baby doll set, you approached the pole and effortlessly swung around with one hand on the pole and a leg wrapped seductively around the pole. As you spun, the momentum sent the baby doll flying like a delicious cape exposing your crimson G-String under the outfit. As you worked the pole and danced to the music, my eyes could not leave you, in the hope of catching your eye or gaining a small favour of attention from you. I was so transfixed, everyone in the place, disappeared and you were my private dancer.

As you began to strip, the feeling of my burning lustful eyes must have reached you and you looked at me and winked. It was a look of desire and lustful fantasy that would have made the devil blush. Your breasts were sensational, perfectly formed, and shapely, you had no waist to speak of, and your legs were luxurious, yet powerful enough to allow you to work the pole as effortlessly as an angel floating on a cloud.

Although time had stopped for me, it wasn’t long until your performance was concluded, and you vanished from my view leaving me lost and forlorn as if I had dreamed the event. I frantically searched the venue for any indication of where you were. Your body etched into my mind like the first cave drawings, never to be erased except with time.

I sighed as I stood to go, looking downcast as I stood, as I my eyes came up from the floor... you were before me. I was so startled; I fell back onto the seat. You laughed, reached your hand out to my shoulder, and straddled me on the bench as I was sitting there.

You were dressed in a white cut off t-shirt that stopped slightly below your breasts, and a black G-String that fit perfectly to your body, as if it had been sprayed onto your skin, your heels were black and provided an even greater shapeliness to your perfect calves and thighs.

Probably due to the noise in the club, you leaned in close and whispered in my ear, “My name is Suzi, I saw you watching my dance, I want you to come with me to a private room, where I will dance for you alone”

Your voice dripped in honey and sexual undertone, my manhood responded immediately, and you smiled deeply at the increasing bulge in my pants. You stood up and took my hand, leading me away from the throng in the public bar, we stepped through a curtain and into a room with a velvet seat and a feeling of isolation from the noise outside. There was music playing and the lights were more seductive. You pushed me gently onto the seat and positioned yourself again on my legs.

There was no discussion about money, as you began to grind on my engorged manhood. Removing your top without breaking contact, you pulled my face closer to your breasts and took my hands and placed them onto your buttocks, which were firm and strong.

As you continued to grind against me and work your magic on me, it was all I could do to hold myself together. Your body felt incredible as you danced and swayed on me. You turned around at one point and were grinding your ass against my already swollen cock. You put my hands on your breasts and bucke, twisted and turned like a rodeo queen breaking in a recalcitrant bronco.

You turned back to face me, once more your hips were grinding on my swollen cock, until with an explosive grunt, I lost control. You quickly lifted yourself off me, kissed me delicately on the cheek and left the room. For a moment I sat there in a stunned stupor, feeling like a schoolboy that had found a playboy under his bed while on camp. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do, but I knew I couldn’t stay there. Awkwardly I stood and adjusted myself as best as I could under the circumstances.

As I approached the curtain, a large meaty hand appeared before me, and a bouncer stepped into the room.

“Suzi, hopes you enjoyed yourself, that will be $200.” I realised I had little option, but to pay the man and I was grateful that Suzi had not ruined the experience for me by asking for the money directly. I paid the bouncer and made to depart, at which point his hand pressed into my chest and he stopped me from moving.

“You are one lucky son of a bitch,” he smiled at me and handed me a gilt-edged card.

“Suzi is very particular about her private dances, don’t screw it up!” he said, as he turned and left the room. I was a little stunned as I looked at the card, which just had one word written on it, Suzi, and a phone number.

What happened next is a story for another time …