M54 F48

Surprise 😮.

July 21 2023

the sun was setting, the air warm and musky

...Hal held my hand and led me to our hotel room

once inside he sat me on the edge of the bed and blindfolded me

stay here he said...I'll be back


not long after, I heard footsteps and thought Hal is back

with no words I felt his hands gently spreading my legs apart

I knew he wanted to taste me

his fingers pulled my panties to the side and I felt his warm breath against my moist pussy

...then his tongue, firm against my clit, licking in motions, tongue fucking my pussy

my body began to tremble as my clit reacted to such immense pleasure

I began to moan loudly in pleasure

calling out my mans name

breathing rapidly I couldn't hold back my desire to moan out loud and arch my back as sweet juices filled my pussy

...don't stop I screamed loudly so he could hear me

his tongue now wild against my clit and tasting every drip of juice

fuck me I demanded

I could hear my man, wrap sound....what is he doing I thought

...but before I could ask

his big hard cock was in my mouth

his cock felt different

not like my mans cock

but I didn't care, I was so turned on

I sucked on his cock and gagged on it...until I could feel it ready to erupt

fuck me I whispered as this sexy man kissed me passionately

he dug his fingers deep inside my cunt and said he was ready to fuck me

he took his cock out of my mouth, dripping in my saliva and shoved it straight into my pussy

no holding back

hard, fast and deep

don't stop I kept telling him and he fucked me harder and faster and deeper

he told me to turn around and fucked me doggy so deep

he gently thumb fucked my arse

I could feel myself ready to cum and before I knew it....

his cock was back in my mouth

my mouth was full of cock and he was just about to explode his cum when I felt something go deep inside my cunt

a cock

a hard, thick cock

a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy

being fucked and sucking a cock at the same time I felt out of control

don't stop I yelled out to my man fucking me

I knew it was my man

the cock in my mouth a strangers

I was being totally spoilt

my man was sitting by all along watching me get fucked

finally he came to fuck me

both men now with their cocks ready to cum

Hal yelled out first in pleasure and the stranger soon followed, cumming all over my breasts

both men satisfied and myself....totally content