M72 F73

Someone Has To ...

June 29 2022

A close friend and I had often discussed the possibility of have a threesome with my wife, though she had usually resisted the temptation.


Knowing that she had often allowed him to fondle her and touch her in all the appropriate places at times when in a a hot spa or even just sitting on a nlounge watching TV, she had never gone for that final step.


Our friend was over for dinner one night, so he and I planned the right atmosphere, music etc and kept her wine glass full throughout the evening. Eventually, to our dismay, she announced that she was going to bed, without us.


He and I looked at each other and he asked what we were going to do next, to which I replied, get your gear off and follow me knowing that she had gone off to the bathroom.


We both waited in the hallway for her to leave the bathroom and head for the bedroom. As she approached us, she indicated that she was going to bed and she was fully dressed.


As she passed us, I gave her a cuddle and kissed her, on the mouth then slowy down to her neck, moving around behind her, nuzzling her neck as I did so. This opened her up to allow him to approach her from the front and also kiss her in the same manner. She was receptive to the approaches from the both of us.


As she relished in the attention of the two of us, he slowly began to fondle her breasts and kiss them as he slowly sank to his knees on the floor in front of her, allowing me to cup her breasts in my hands and continue to kiss and nuzzle into her neck from behind.


As he knelt in front of her, he slowly pulled down her slacks and panties, exposing her pussy to him, to which he started to lick her and work his tongue around that sensual place.


Our attentions were having the desired efect as I could feel her going weak at the knees and I had to hold her tight to keep her standing as her own legs had complletely gone to jelly as he worked his tongue in her.


Amongst all the moans of ecstacy coming from her and all forms of objections had disappeared, her final words were "Well, someone has to fuck me!"


Needless to say, we accompanied her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed. That night was the first of many threesomes the three of us had with her, each time trying to introduce a new experience for her.


It is a pity that we no longer see him as we have all gone our separate ways.