M45 F32

Sight Unseen

March 18 2023

We are staying at Crown Metropol and have a wonderful time, relaxing, lounging by the pool and shopping around Melbourne. We spent the day today visiting the lingerie boutiques and picked out two outfits for tonight. You know how much I love sheer white on your tanned body and have chose the white Whitney bodysuit from Honey. It shows your dark nipples and bald pussy beautifully through its mesh and florals and accentuates your curves and tits… which always fall out when you fuck and suck in your matching purple one. Your next one was from a lingerie boutique in town and has a sheer black bra and matching crotch less pants, your lips and tits look stunning in it.

We have fucked our brains out for the past two days, even reliving an old memory of fucking in the window above the car park and again drawing a crowd that watched us fuck… but that’s nothing compared to tonight. It’s my birthday and to my surprise you have come up with this present, which I am beside myself waiting for and permanently turned on. We are in our room and you are getting showered and dressed, shaving your pussy in the shower as I watched and felt… it’s so smooth. You give me a little taste, but only a little one. You put your jacket on over Whitney, slip on some heels, tie your hair up and leave the black set on the bed. We then head out and downstairs and have a drink at the bar. It’s hard to focus as I’m so turned on, I slide my hand under your long jacket and under your bodysuit confirming that you are dripping.

Soon your phone buzzes, you read it, lean over and give me a deep kiss as your hand encircles my hard cock. “Love you , I’ll be in touch”. With that you stand up and head to the lift… you look amazing.


You’ve been planning this for a couple of months. You have taken the lead on searching redhotpie for what you consider perfect for this. Your criteria were as followed, they have to be youngish, attractive, easygoing. He needed to have a beautiful body and cock… I’d seen the pictures and he did… a chiseled body and a cock that could be a twin of mine but an inch longer and thicker, I was envious. She needed to have d or above tits and a gorgeous Pussy and have experience with girls. She was model like in looks with short blond hair. They had a number of validations that spoke for their easy going nature and sexual skills. They all agreed that he was an amazing fuck and had made many girls do things they’d never experienced. She was described as sensational and a lover of all things sex.

You were so happy when they agreed to this, knowing how it would make me feel and you.

They were so keen, I think this was mainly because of you. As you conversed with them they were stunned by how orgasmic you were and could scarcely believe it. They had seen our videos and loved how you fuck and suck and fell over themselves to say yes when you told them the plan.


I went for a walk around southbank, I didn’t know what else to do.

My phone buzzed, it was a message from you… simply a kiss. My mind started wandering, this is what we wanted, to imagine without knowing 100%. I wondered how the meet had gone, if you were all happy, if your nerves were ok and what you were doing right now. We always played together, this was a first.

A little while later it buzzed again, it was an image. My heart was racing. I opened it, it was a close up of your groin area, with some hands resting on your pussy outside the mesh, they were the other girls, Gwen. Oh my god it was happening, I was thinking of her hands and fingers stroking you when another image came through… it was a man’s, Jake’s hands inside the bodysuit on your lips. Holy fuck I was so hard, I went for a walk awaiting the next message.

Minutes passed

Half an hour passed, nothing.

We know this might happen, but I was in agony thinking what you were doing, how many times had their fingers made you cum, were you fucking, sucking… what.

The phone buzzed it was a video… I opened it, pulse pounding. You were lying back bodysuit on and Gwen was licking your pussy through it… you were loving it, eyes closed and after 30 seconds “fuck, fuck yes, IM CUMMING” and you did…. But instead of stopping you pushed her head back in and she made you cum again in 5 seconds. Video ends. Wow.

My heart was racing and my cock was straining against my pants… another message. It was a close up pic of your tongue licking her beautiful pussy.

I was ready to cum already, this was great, you were really making this happen.


Another picture, from a different angle.. above she was licking your pussy again and your bodysuit was open, giving access to your beautiful bare pussy, but… you could see your head and the beautiful cock that you had turned your head to the side and were sucking on. Oh Jesus, I was so excited and envious at the same time. He was getting to experience your amazing skill and you his glorious cock, I could imagine your noises and whimpers of pleasure.

I had moved to a quiet area of crown and sat there waiting. After what seemed like an eternity a message, a video. I was almost scared to open it, but I did. Gwen was holing the camera, your were on all fours between his legs doing your favorite thing, sucking cock. It was longer and thicker than me and with a better knob and you were sucking and wanking it so well, I could here your noises, your moans. You stopped and looked at the camera with a mouthful of cock as deep as you could take and slowly withdrew, looking at me. A bottle of lubricant appeared in your hand and you lathered that big cock up… I almost came looking at how good it was. You do what you do and wanked him with two hands staring in absolute lust at the cock. I could hear your moans increase as you were rubbing your legs together and you came without being touched… video stopped.

Wow, you were loving this, as I know you would… you made sure you got your people right.

What next… nothing,

Silence for a long time.

Omg what are you doing.

A video call from your phone, I answer… the screen is pointed towards you and Gwen… wow that a surprise. You have roger, the double ended dildo, out, we brought him for us… but clearly you thought of something else. Gwen and you are are lying legs entwined, holding each other’s legs and fucking Roger. You are moving beautifully in unison as he disappears as he’s in both of you. You pause and rub your clits together, then out and back together. Gwen is amazing to watch, such an amazing body.. you clearly agree as you lean in and suck her tits… I hear you scream in orgasm again as does she… the phone hangs up.

That was stunning, seeing two beautiful girls and their pussies fucking each other to orgasm.. wow.

I need to cum, I go to the toilet… rewatch the video of you sucking him and I cum. I was supposed to save that but I can’t.

The phone buzzes, an image. It’s you on your back, Jake is above you with his condom clad cock in your pussy… your eyes are closed and your head back in ecstasy. Oh god this was more than I imagined and better. I was so turned on and not jealous at all.. I was envious of him feeling your pussy.

The phone buzzed again, video… I opened. Jake had taken it. It was his perspective, you were riding him reverse cowgirl. You could see your ass open and pussy enveloping his cock. You were riding hard and screaming harder… his cock looked amazing sliding in and out all the way to the tip…. Gwen was standing in front of you and you were trying to lick her as she held your head. He reached forward and slid a finger into your ass… what!! I didn’t know this was in the plan, but you exploded coming hard.

Video ended.

Holy fuck, you were loving this as was I. There was no wait this time as there was a call.. the phone was behind Jake, on a bench I guess. You were bent over and he was fucking you hard doggy as you are licking Gwen’s pussy as she lay on the bed legs spread in front of your face. He was fucking you hard and fast and deep… your only sounds were pleasure and a sopping wet pussy and your cumming, over and over. There was no let up, he was smashing your pussy and you were loving it… maybe more than you did with me.

He turned and smiled and hung up the call.

I needed to fuck you now… but that wasn’t the plan.

The phone buzzed again it was three images. They seemed to be of you being fucked doggy close up on his cock and your pussy… Wait, he wasn’t in your pussy he was deep in your ass… holy fuck how could you do that with that big cock, this definitely wasn’t in the plan but I didn’t care it looked amazing and I’m sure was feeling better, knowing how hard you cum from anal.


I sat for what seemed like an eternity and nothing came. Finally a video… he was lying under you thrusting deep and Gwen was licking your pussy from above, you came and she moved back with the camera… Jake continued to fuck you, your noises were amazing and different. He sped up, still so deep and moved his hips, you were in ecstasy. Gwen zoomed in on his massive cock pumping as you started to cum… not just cum but exploded… there was juice everywhere, you’d just had your first squirt. Wow.

Video ends.

I wait, I’m back at the bar now, waiting the next call. It never comes. What are you doing.. being fucked I guess.

The lift dings and out you come, you walk over, give me a hug and kiss me deep. You ask “so how was your night, did you see anything good”?

I answer “absolutely, how about yours?”

“Well I just had the best fuck of my life, how does that make you feel?”

I answer honestly “amazing”. You reply “good I have a new trick to show you, let’s go”

You hold my head and we head to the lift.

When the door shuts you open your coat to reveal your crotchless pants and the most swollen I’ve ever seen you. You bend over and I slide into the wettest your pussy has ever been… wow.

You turn and say “gee you’re a bit small” with a wink and start to fuck me.

Part two… from Ella