December 05 2023

“Oh my god…. That was fucking amazing”.

We lay on our backs, naked, looking at the ceiling, we laugh.

Exhausted, entwined, wet, panting.

What just happened?



That was one of the most mind blowing sexual encounters either of us has ever had.

So intense, raw, animalistic..natural even.

You roll on your side.

I quickly roll into you and spoon your back, gently nibbling and kissing your back and neck in the softest way.


You sit up on the side of the couch. All wet and sticky from our lastest session, you look back over your shoulder.

Your eyes closed with a slight grin.


You grab my hand “come with me “

I eagerly get up and follow you to the bathroom.

You turn on the shower…. “Shall we?”


The water is hot and the shower steamed up almost instantly.

I lean you up against the shower wall.

You lick up the side of my throat, your hand drifting down to my once flaccid but now hardening love muscle.


I let out a pleasing moan as your soapy hand wraps around my ever growing manhood.

You look at me and wrap one arm around my neck, the other slowly massaging my cock and balls with slippery soapiness.


The pace is slow and calculated now.

You lean in and gently kiss my soft lips.

Our tongues entangle and you moan as i effortlessly slip my fingers into your eager pussy and start fingering you with a meticulous rhythm.


I bring you to the edge of climaxing…. “No stop stop please stop” you beg me.

I pull you in closer, your heart is racing, our tongues are now feverishly searching.


I watch your face all the while as you look up at me and in a single mighty thrust I slide my cock into you … fuck…. that makes you rise to your toes savouring every moment of pleasure as I thrust deeper inside you.


You shudder as the pleasure takes over…. Thrust in….slowly out….thrust in… slowly out - all the time deeper, faster, harder.


You throw your head back and I bury my face in your neck, Biting, Sucking.


The water is hot, I then demand you ask me to come inside you, as your hands tighten around my waist.


“Please come inside me, please” I beg you, pleeease….now”.


In one move, I turn you around, push you hard up against the glass screen.

Your hand reaches behind and you dig your nails into my thighs as the intensity rises.


I thrust, faster, faster, faster. The screen is foggy. You wipe it away with the hand you’re using to stay upright.


Now you can see my face in the reflection of the bathroom mirror.

I see myself now, we smile as if to say to each other…hang on, here it comes.


“There’s something I’ve been wanting you to do, and now is the time to do it” she says, “oh really, and what might that be” i ask.

“I want you to eat my arse then fuck me in it”


Down on one knee I go as my place my eager hands on each arse cheek slowly spreading them to reveal her tight little dot.

An eager tongue is applied and you can hear her excitement as this new prospect takes place.

She relaxes and slide her finger inside her in preparation to be entered.


My cock hardens in anticipation as she reaches for the water resistant lube she placed in the shower before we begun unnoticed!

Squirts some on her hands and turns towards me before reaching down and starts to lather my swollen cock.

Are you ready?


“Hell yeah I am”, “Well time for you to fuck my little arse baby” she commands.

“Be gentle”

I grab her by the hips and position her squarely as she bends forward with her arse raised in the air, that tight little dot staring me in the face begging me to stretch it open.


I flick the tip of my cock against her, slowly pushing forward as she pushes back wanting me to open her naughty little hole.

My knob shrinks to allow itself to squeeze inside her arse, once it finds its opening, it glides in before enraging with blood flow and expands back to its excited state making her moan with excitement.


“Oh fuck me” she states as it slowly enters inside her, “Wow, I can feel that stretch instantly”

“You good” “Fuck yes, that feels insanely good”

“Now fuck my arse”

I obey my command and slowly but surely gather momentum.

I can feel her arsehole as it grips and squeezes my cock with every rocking motion, it feels so good to be inside her.


“Harder, your going to make me cum”

“I think I might beat you to the punchline hun”

“Fill me then” as my cock u loads again.


“Jesus that was intense”

“Get so good to have you stretch me wide, look at that gape as you pull out” she says.

So slowly I remove my cock from her arse as she pulls her arse cheeks apart!

Wow, gaping in front of my own eyes I can see how stretched she became.

“Grab that mirror and show me” she says.

“Fuck yes, that’s insane”


She turns around and grabs my cock, “Nit finished yet hun”


She turns back towards the glass, places her two hands on the screen, her head lowers between her arms . I have my hands tightly around your waist and I am watching myself fuck you through the vision of the mirror.

My thrusts increase in intensity and pace and you can hardly hold yourself up as you wiggle yourself further onto my hard throbbing hot veiny cock.


I moan softly at first but then it grows and grows into a full “yes, fuck yes” as I explode my hot creamy load into your eager kitty cat.


You’re moaning and then panting, fuck, fuck, fuck….. yessss, Legs shaking as you cum to an ever releasing flow of orgasmic love juices all over my cock!