M45 F39

Sex-Venture - Part 1

February 21 2023

"you have full control" he whispered into her ear "Ill do whatever sex related task you set me, orange sherbet is the password if it gets too much"

Their sex-venture was about to begin.

"You can start by fucking my ass" she was already quite moist thinking about all the things she was about to do to him.

It had been two days since she'd last felt his cock in her, and that night with her hand had left her aching for him to take what she so badly wanted from her.

Her legs were spread open and he knelt on the bed behind her. She could feel him pressing his cock against her asshole, she could hear his grunts of pleasure as he pressed further in...

His balls were tight against her butt, and they pushed into the crack of her ass, he slid all the way down, she gasped as the head of his cock popped inside.

He started moving his hips slowly up and down, it was making her feel very uncomfortable. It wasn't long before she couldn't take anymore, her hands were clutching at the sheets, her whole body burning with desire.

"Fuck me baby!" she yelled out loud, he pumped faster and harder. His balls slapped hard against her pussy and ass, the force of each movement made her whole body jolt.

She was moaning loudly now, he had his hands planted firmly on her hips, he was slamming his cock in and out of her over and over again. The feeling of being filled by his cock sent shivers down her spine, she couldn't help but giggle with excitement at how naughty this felt.

Her orgasm was building fast, "I'm gonna cum baby! Fuck me, fuck your wife's ass!!"

His cock was throbbing inside of her as he shot his load deep inside of her. He collapsed onto the bed beside her, his cock still buried inside her.

"What do you think you are doing" she whispered kissing his cheek, "you arent done yet" she giggled.

"Oh my god" he said looking at her, "that was amazing, I am going to have such a hard time controlling myself around you" he whispered.

She smiled and kissed him deeply then said "Well for now I think you better get on the bed so i can tie you to it"

His cock was rock hard by the time he was on his back, and getting harder by the minute. She had tied him by each wrist and ankle to the corners of the bed, making sure that his head was hanging off the edge.

The sight of him like that, so helplessly vulnerable was incredibly erotic. Her pussy was soaked, and she knew exactly what she wanted to do next.

She got on her knees between his legs and took one of his hardening nipples into her mouth. She sucked and nibbled gently at first, teasing him with her tongue as she moved to take another nip.

When she released it she could see his chest rising and falling in excitement, she straddled his head and began to rub her pussy against his face.

"This is what you need right? This is how you want to be used?" She asked sliding her pussy lips across his nose and cheeks.

"Yes please" he moaned, "please fuck me with your mouth"

She continued rubbing her clit across his face, using her fingers to push her pussy further against his nose and mouth, " Don't tease me, just suck my pussy" she begged.

He opened wide and wrapped his lips around her swollen clit, sucking hard. She let out a moan of delight, "oh yeah baby, that's it, suck my little cunt! You know I love it when you suck my pussy"

He sucked harder, she was grinding herself against his face, watching her own breasts bounce with each thrust of his head.

"That feels so good, keep it up, eat your wife's pussy! Suck it hard!" she commanded.

He was so aroused, his cock was throbbing and leaking pre-cum like a garden sprinkler onto the sheets below him. She rubbed her wet pussy against his face, his tongue working its way along her slit, licking and tasting her sweet juices.

She grabbed his hair and pulled his head towards her, he didn't resist, he took her thick thighs and pulled them even wider apart, opening her pussy for his hungry


... to be continued