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Second BBC experience in a SUV.

July 26 2023

Due to the popularity and positive reaction of my first encounter story , I’ve decided to write and share the second BBC encounter I’ve had here on RHP. This was with the same hung black gentlemen as in my first one. Yeah that gorgeous gym fit, muscular chocolate daddy with the NBA physique. For the purposes of this story his name is Marcus…


So it didn’t take long before I admitted what occurred to my husband. His reaction was positive as we have been In the cuckold hotwife scene for a while. My husband agreed that Marcus was absolutely a spunk and wanted me to provide him a detailed explanation of the events that took place. So that night (weeknight) I gave my husband Daniel a hand job as I went through all the details and answered his questions about my ONS with Marcus. It was so clear the idea has turned him on so much!


The following weekend I was attending a friends wedding in the city. Fun event, Daniel didn’t attend unfortunately due to being unwell, however agreed to drive me in and pick me up. Around 9pm I get a few messages from Marcus to see if I’m in town tonight. We agreed to meet up in South Yarra at midnight. He was out with friends who I met briefly. I was pretty drunk and Marcus offered to take me home again. I told him that I had bought my husband upto to speed on our first encounter and explained how much he was turned on by it. Marcus lives regionally and was catching a 2.30 vline train home, I came up with a better offer and within 30 minutes Daniel has arrived and was going to drive us back to Marcus’s place, an hour north of the city!


Daniel drives a Tesla SUV. Marcus and I occupied the back seats as my husband Daniel was in the front driving. Daniel and Marcus chatted to begin with, both seemed a little uncomfortable meeting like this however they were pleasant with each other making small talk. As they were talking about the electric cars Marcus started rubbing my inner thigh, I was wearing a medium dress and heels, he did this for a few minutes before slowly moving up closer to my labia teasing me. Until I felt his fingers start rubbing my clit through my parties. He continued rubbing me like this and engaging Daniel in conversation, no idea that his wife was being felt up by another man.


Marcus asked if he could pick some music, leant forwards and used the tablet to put an album on, although I can’t remember what it was, I’d never heard it before. About halfway though the first song, Daniel asked Marcus something, but there was no answer, after a few seconds Daniel looked to the back and caught my eye, Marcus and I were making out. Passionately kissing with tongue.


We continued kissing slowly for the next few minutes, and he slid his hand into my soaked panties and was rubbing my bare clitoris. Daniel was daily silent. For a moment I stopped to make sure he wasn’t furious. I learnt forward and told him, Marcus and I are going to have sex now, are you okay with that? He replied a simple yes, and smirked. I kissed him on the cheek and told him I loved him. Then moved back to Marcus.


We were on the freeway by now, the ring road or Hume, I’m not too sure. I turned back to Marcus and simply said “time to fuck me”. We removed the seatbelts, took off our clothes, which is quite difficult in a car drunk mind you. Reengaged the seatbelts under us so the alarm would stop beeping. It was quite the ordeal. But we were now in the nude.


I started stroking Marcus, but he was already rock hard, I was already dripping wet, there was no more need for any more foreplay. I threw my leg over his and straddled him, two legs up in the seat, sitting on his lap, I lined his 10inch monster up with my pussy and slid it in. This time I was so much more relaxed then our first encounter. He slid all the way inside me in one motion. I let out a moan, actually more of a cry. I’m not sure what he hit but it felt magical and my legs started shaking, for a minor orgasm just from entering me.


I told Marcus. “Okay, you’re in, go slowly”. And he did just that, slid in and out, over and over, slowly but very deep. As you guys like to say “balls deep”….


By this stage there were no more street lights it was very dark inside the car. Daniel turned on the interior lights and out the car on autopilot so he could periodically turn around and watch my ass bounce on Marcus.


I continued to ride for about 10 minutes. Slowly getting faster. He was fucking me at a constant medium speed now. But still deep thrusts the full length of his shaft.


Daniel asked me how he felt, I just said “incredible”, or something to that effect. I was approaching my second orgasm, tonight they were taking longer. There it was…. “I’m cumming I let out between moans”. And I felt my pussy start leaking uncontrollably all over Marcus’s pelvis. It wasn’t quite a squirt… more gushing. Sorry Daniel, lucky you have leather seats.


Marcus didn’t stop there. He started going faster. Daniel pointed out that the clear liquid that I gushed during my orgasm was turning creamy. On his cock and balls. “Did you cum in her”? Daniel asked. No response from Marcus. “Dude did you cum in her?”. Still no response. I wasn’t sure either at this point but I didn’t think so, I answered for Marcus with a simple “no”. About another 30 seconds, I could tell he was close. Marcus let out “I’m going to cum in your wife.”


“bro I’m going to cum in your wife without a condom.


He groaned , pulled my hips down so his shaft was as deep as possible. I felt him stiffen and I could feel him spurting warm cum into me. I loved it. Marcus loved it, Daniel loved it. I continued to sit on him for another minute. When he pushed me off. I was sitting back down on my chair, he pushed my legs up and slid his two middle fingers into my pussy and started finger fucking me hard. He was talking dirty which I loved. I can’t remember exactly what he said but it was clear he wanted to see me squirt again. One leg over his shoulder the other against the window, he was slamming my vigorously with his hand and about another minute in my legs shuddered , I noticed his black skin was covered in creamy goo, likely a combination of his creampie and my orgasm juices…. Anyway he knew exactly when to pull out and slap my labia, there it was a fountain squirting out of my pussy. All over the car interior…. Sorry Daniel… I’ll pay for a detail??


For the next few minutes we lay in the back seat panting, covered in sweat and cum. We pulled off the freeway and got to Marcus’s house. I went inside used the bathroom quickly, Marcus kindly gifted me a roll of paper towel. Showed me his bedroom and shelf of toys, no idea he was such a freak!


I kissed him goodbye. Got in the car with Daniel and we drove back to Melbourne and home. I fell asleep. We got to our house. I went inside, got ready to shower while Daniel tried to clean his back seat in the dark at 4.30am. Just as I got in the shower he appeared in the bathroom, popped into the shower with me and propositioned me for sex, which I declined.


Not that Daniels bad in bed, he’s sweet, attractive, got a decent cock, but I was just too sore for more sex. I said maybe in the morning. He protested, he wanted me while I was dirty, then he got down on his knees in the shower and started licking me out. Yep, just over an hour after Marcus had cream-pied me. He slid the tip of his finger into my ass as he ate my pussy. It felt good but not enough to make me cum again. He finished himself off on the shower floor, we cleaned up and went to bed!


This story is basically where the Hotwife Uber concept came from, and it has occurred several times since then with a few different individuals from RHP. I’ll post more duties stories on this over time!


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