Right Time, Right Moment

May 24 2023

Right Time, Right Moment

I had been casually looking for something different, something real, somebody who was in touch with there inner self. Someone who knew their desires and were open to exploring, teaching, instructing at the same time leading, perhaps for the first time.

I knew by the phone call it could be interesting, she intrigued me and connected with me. She stimulated my mind and curiosity.


Randomly it happened so quick, I meet her at the gate, attractive, vibrant, sexy and very intelligent. My mind was racing, over stimulated, even more so when I asked if I could help with the bag. I had no expectations and was willing to just meet and to get to know each other.


I desperately wanted her to feel comfortable in our space, we had engaging conversation, she was real, knew who she was, so attractive to my mind.

She asked me if I was willing, could I be still enough mentally and physically to let her take the lead. I wanted to touch her, kiss her, I stopped myself as I had committed to her rules. It felt good to be submissive.


I was blindfolded in the kitchen, I felt her behind me, I gripped the bench to stop myself, it was a new sensation, so turned on. I felt her touch for the first time, then cold metal object rolling over my back, every part of me wanted to grab her and take control. I resisted and it gave me more pleasure.


My sensations were trying to predict every touch, trying to control my urges, I needed more, wanted more, she was so in control. She stopped at the highest peak of me controlling myself.


I took my blindfold off, almost speechless, thanked her, gave her a kiss which I wanted to go on. I knew my responsibilities to her.