Reunion to remember.

April 05 2023

A couple of years ago my wife and I used to play together with others couples and occasionally with just an extra female. They were amazing times and I distinctly remember a few couples that left me breathless. Our situation has changed and now with permission I am allowed to play separately.

Well out of the blue I got a text from one of the most beautiful couples from the good old days. They were checking in on us and asking if we would like to catch up. I explained our situation and that now I play alone. They were down!!!

The Mrs gave me the green light and I was going to be in Sydney for work and all the stars aligned. I had been to their place before, so I was pretty confident and comfortable of how things would play out.

On Arrival Michelle open the door in the sexiest aqua body suit. I recognized it as my wife has the exact same one. Before a word was said she kissed me and dragged me to the lounge room! She is definitely one of the most beautiful women I have ever been with. Long brown hair, brown eyes and a smile that lights up the room. Her body is better than I remembered and I was awestruck by her beauty. I asked where her husband was? She told me that he was not joining us and we would be playing solo!

We continued to kiss as she undressed me and I unclipped the bottom of her body suit. I laid her gently on her back and kissed her passionately from head to toe! We were both extremely ready but took our time to appreciate each others body’s and company.

Before too long desire overtook us both and we found ourselves in the bedroom. She whispered that this is actually her first solo session, and that it has been her fantasy since our last couple play. She said she couldn’t believe it was happening. I too had fantasized about her and couldn’t believe it how lucky I was. The sensors all fully heightened. The smell of her Vanilla shampoo and the sight of her beautiful body and smile were all too much to take!

After a few minutes to recompose ourselves. We headed to the shower and continued kissing. The water beaded off her beautiful c cup breasts as we continued our passionate encounter. With a body shaking orgasim we embraced each other and dried off and decided a drink of champagne was required!

Shortly after our time had come to an end. I returned home to share the details our my experience with the wife! She too become extremely aroused and went to the room to put on the same body suit. She stripped me off and sucked me like we we were teenagers. We headed to the bedroom for me to re live the fantasy. This was probably the greatest sexual day of my life. My wife still wears the aqua body suit from time to time and we still remain in contact with Michelle and her husband. Our lives have taken different paths for the last few months, but i still look forward to another rendezvous in the future!