Purr kitty purr!

January 26 2021

Good little pussy, good little kitty, let me hear a purr

Good little kitty - Purr Purr purr

Hello Little Kitty

Let me make you purr

Don't speak, but wait

Spread your legs

Pull my hair

Push me to your pleasure

With my mouth

My tongue pressed flat

Licking, slow then fast

Pushing one finger inside

Purr little kitty, purr

Now a wet little kitty

I suck on your clit

Lick lick lick some more

Slowly gliding my tongue

Fun little kitty

Pushing my mouth down harder

Grazing my teeth across your clit

Adding a finger inside

With a flick and thrust

I lick up and down your pussy

Your clit between my lips

A spare hand rises to your breast

I pinch them, pull them and squeeze

Purring kitty lets a scream overpower

Not done now kitty

I still want to play

That's a good little kitty

I enjoyed our fun

Making you purr purr purr