Property sex story of a recent meet

September 07 2023

We spoke initially on RHP and decided to meet for a coffee down by the river at West End (Brisbane).


She was wearing a sun yellow dress, which blew up slightly with every breeze. I was instantly aroused. After some initial nervous small talk, we both wanted to go further and agreed to meet later that day at a nearby townhouse I had for sale.


At 1pm sharp, I saw the dress coming up the driveway. Closing the blinds right as she entered, we greeted each other with an open mouth wet kiss and I guided her to the lounge.

The townhouse was styled for sale, with armchairs, throws and cushions.

We pushed the cushions aside and she straddled me. Her dress provided easy access downstairs which revealed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

After a few minutes of tongues down throats and fingers in holes, my pants could barely contain me.


She hopped off and slide my pants to the floor and pulled my cock over my elastic waist band of my boxers. My business shirt was unbuttoned and she held onto my shoulders whilst lowering herself onto my throbbing cock. Some slow sensual grinds and I could feel the poison rising.


I pushed her off and onto the couch. I had to taste her. And she was divine. Starting with just a tongue and then adding fingers. She let our small moans of pleasure as her head was over the back of the couch.


I grabbed her by the hand and led her upstairs. We were both naked by this point so did a sneaky crawl below the open window that didn’t have a blind. We both had a laugh. We found the styled bedroom and she buried her face in the pillows, her naked bare ass just asking for it.

I obliged.

Her head lifted to look out at the view while I worked from behind. A gentle yet firm scrunch of her hair between thrusts.

I wanted more.

She flipped to her back, on the edge of the bed.

The classic legs over shoulders position. She guided my hand to her neck, she liked to be choked it seemed and so it was. I can’t describe the feeling of her almost lifeless body, just taking the pounding.


She used her hands to hold my hands around her neck. It got to the point I thought she was going to pass out!

I released my grip, withdrew and licked up all her goodness.

A finger slide inside while my tongue kept a gentle pressure in a certain spot - she writhed and writhed and I could feel a small burst of her enter my mouth.

She was done.

She said exhaustingly, “I want you to come in my mouth”.


Is there anything better to hear as a guy?


I straddled her chest and gave her a feed, gently lifting her head by her pony tail to get the angle just right. It didn’t take long till till she spluttered which made me empty it all into her throat.

She rose and licked her lips.


Without many more words we got dressed, re aligned all the pillows, straightened the couch downstairs and said goodbye.


At least until next time.

You know who you are 😉