Part 3 (The Finale) of becoming an expert in worshipping the bodies of mature cougars

November 02 2023

As I continued to thrust my throbbing cock in and out of my anal Loving “mommy” I could feel my cum increasingly building. I was ready, I was ready to blow my week long build up of hot cum and so I asked, “mommy, where do you want your boy to shoot his load for you” she didn’t hesitate and pushed her ass back and clenched her sphincter impressively as she almost aggressively said, “I want you to fill your mommy’s butthole up with your hot, thick cum baby. I want you to use my arse as your cum dumpster”


She continued to push back and jiggle her booty as I almost instantly upon hearing those words, blew my load, with thick streams of my cum flying out of my cock and deep inside my big butt, anal loving, Latino mommy’s asshole. She groaned and moaned with every jet of cum. I slowly pulled my cock out, to the hot and pleasing site of her brown asshole gapping wide and almost winking at me. I fell down and lay next to Her, however, she remained in position and she looked at me deeply and said, “now it’s your turn” I was a little unsure what she was referring to, but then she reached over and grabbed her strap on and said “how much do you love your mommy? If you’re a good son you’ll let your mommy have some fun”


I was in a state of euphoria and sexual heaven, without speaking I grinned and agreed.


Then mommy almost flipped. Mommy become aggressive and mistress like. She pointed to her still upwards pointing ass and said “clean mommy’s hole. Make your tongue useful” I began to kiss and lick her gapping stretched asshole sensually before thrusting my tongue inside. She then without warning kind of farted/pushed my cum out of her stretched and used bum and told me “time to clean up your mess. It’s your cum and you are going to clean it out right if you love mommy” after a few moments, my mouth was filled with my own load, I felt unsure but still aroused as she kissed me and we shared the messy hot cum before she pushed me playfully, and as I turned over she grabbed at my ass and spread a cheek apart; and then with incredible accuracy spat her mouthful of my cum, with it hitting my asshole with precision, she got rougher, shoving me over completely and proceeded to spread my ass cheeks wide and began licking and tonguing my hole. It was all a blur; but the tonguing was followed by stroking and rubbing with one the two fingers before I knew I was arching my back, groaning, while I begged “mommy” to go harder. She got up and reached for her medium sized strap on on rubber cock. It was probably around 7inches and it was brown, similar to her skin complexion. While she strapped it on, she stood with her butt up against my face and let me sniff and lick it gently.

She mounted me, squirting lube all over my ass, before she whispered “now who’s the little anal whore? It’s mommy’s turn to fuck you like a bitch:. By this point I was feeling a euphoria and sexual hunger like never before, I would have probably enjoyed anything she wanted to do. She briefly rubbed my virgin asshole before she unexpectedly shoved the 7 inch, life lock cock into my waiting butt. My ring stung initially before her dirty comment helped me to enjoy it “Mommy is going to fuck you hard and rough, so you can see what it’s like to be completely helpless and have your tight hole dominated. And without further, she began thrusting this runner cock in and out of my backdoor, after a few more strokes, I caught myself moaning and actually archi by up and pushing back on the life like toy cock. She grabbed my hips and pounded me deep each stroke making me groan and each moan making her degrade me. Verbally.


And it wasn’t even 2 minutes in and the most unexpected and (to this date) I had the biggest climax and explosion of huge, thick streams of cum. All over the bed and my stomach. It was warm and strangely comforting, as Gabby, leaned forward, with the thick toy cock still buried to the hilt, and said “hmmmm mommy’s not the only anal loving slut in the household now is she? You dirty boy”


As a pretty straight as they come guy, I did question whether my enjoyment of such a rough and dominant ass fucking meant I was gay or bisexual, however, I was assured by Gabby that whilst I had a “life like cock” in me, it didn’t mean I was gay or bisexual, it was more so that I was complety comfortable and sexually adventurous with my hot, kinky, Brazilian Cougar sex partner.


To this day, I have only ever been into/interested in being dominated and having my butt tucked by Gabby, however, if I was fortunate enough to meet another Mature, Dirty minded Cougar who craves younger guys with massive meaty cocks, I believe it may lead me to be open to similar experiences, or even completely new and outrageous sexually deviant acts.


Hope you all enjoyed this. Please leave a comment and let me know what you liked about my experience ;)


Next up: My first date with a high class escort in a luxury Perth Hotel ;)


  • maca14

    06 Nov 2023

    What a Hot Story... Can't wait for the next one

  • Coffeetime75

    05 Nov 2023

    Great read and a beautiful experience. Thanks for sharing.

  • TheKitsune

    04 Nov 2023

    😍 loved reading this, please keep sharing stories!