Out for [M]y morning walk in #Sydney

June 27 2021

Casually walking along the cliff this morning, I looked up towards the houses that overlook the ocean.

In one of the top floor windows, high up, a stunning woman was appreciating the warm morning sun. Her breasts firm, her bush nicely trimmed. She ran her hands over her body and stretched a couple of times.

I stopped on the path, captivated. Seeing what I know was an intimate moment, seeing what I know I should not be seeing.

She has seen me now, there cannot be more than 40 metres between us but that doesn't stop her as she turns around to let her back feel the warmth, bending over to stretch. I can feel my own excitement increasing.

Cannot be more than a few moments watching her feel the morning warmth on her skin before she glides away, leaving me to continue my walk.