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Our first swingers experience

February 13 2023

Wow wow wow


We visited Sydney recently and we'd talked about visiting the swingers club, we started the night with a few drinks to build up the courage, after about 5 drinks it was time.


It was a first time swingers party so all newbies, there were about 30 people all different nationalities, we were greeted by a lovely lady who gave us the run down of the establishment, we then walked through the curtains and we were looking at a room full of sexy people, we decided to do our own tour, down stairs in to the dungeon, a couple were using whips on each other and people standing around watching, half naked and very sexy, my man was very excited I could feel his cock pushing against my bum, I started rubbing it just to tease him whilst watching the show.


We stayed there for 10 mins before making our way up stairs to the private rooms and open 4 beds, we walked in the hallway and there were to couples the two girls were on there knees sucking cock I wanted my man in my mouth.


We sat on the lounge across from the beds, we watched 4 couples fucking and I grab his cock stroking him whilst another lady watched on, I needed his cock in me and I whispered in his ear, he picked me up and placed me on the bed, he opened my legs and lent forward, he licked my pussy and I lost it, my pussy was dripping wet, had me orgasming in no time, I screamed and squirted all over his face, it was like we were the only 2 in the room, I regathered myself and pushed him on the bed, I swallowed his cock, he was rock hard, I could feel someone behind me, I turned to look, it was a young girl she smiled at me and said can I join, I nodded and she moved under me and started licking my pussy while I had my man in my mouth, I was in heaven, we went at it for about 30 mins before we all fucked eachother, my man came 3 times and I didn't waste a bit.


I can't wait for our next trip away.