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Our first hotwife experience

February 20 2023

Our first hotwife experience


We were fortunate enough to come into contact with an experienced and well versed other for our first Hot wife experience.


We had been married for some time and without sounding like another cliché we needed to spice things up and both being adventurous spirits the hotwife scene seemed to just work for both us.

I’m not sure why but for me as the hubby the whole idea was such a turn on.


We were not sure of what to expect as our first time and the mix of emotions bought another level of excitement and adventure we had lacked for some time.


Wifey after a lot filtering found a good match.

This guy in her words was “totally genuine” and someone she definitely got good and hot vibes from.


As he was chill, not to over bearing, put her at ease and very experienced in the hot wife scene.

It made the taboo thoughts of being a shared hotwife a little easier.


Our Gent wanted to discuss and have open communication with me also.


Surprisingly the conversation was very easy going.

It felt like two mates catching up.


After some open communication for several weeks between all three of us we set a date and a time.

With everyone comfortable we agreed.

Wifey would meet alone for a drink and chat.

(We were not aware there are “rules” to the game and as we came to understand later this was another rule we did not follow)


Our first experience would be a solo experience.

(We have since found with all our experiences our preferred choice would be for wifey to play alone and return home with some juicy details and a possible pic or two that we would relive over and over)

We had set the meet and greet for the same time we would be in the city at a friends art exhibition.

Our Gent only lived a couple blocks over from where the art exhibition event would take place seemed perfect.


Along with many of our friends

(whom have no idea of our little kink)

we made our way into the city from the suburbs.

Along the way our Gent and myself would message each other likes and dislikes for my hot and horny hotwife.


It really helped build the anticipation.


I was also aware he had been messaging wifey as well and really warming her up.


We had hired a vehicle and driver with all of our friends whom would be attending the art exhibition event so we could all drink and have a good time there and back with out the hassle of finding a sober driver.

And it was a somewhat dress to impress event.


On the way in I was receiving messages like

“How does she like her pussy to be eaten?”

“What’s her favorite position to cum in?”

“Are you feeling ok about it?”

Here I was texting some other guy whom I had never met on how my wife likes to have her pussy eaten

all the while trying to hold conversations with my friends whom I was in the company of.

(We had made arrangements not to have sex for several weeks leading up to the meet and greet to help build that anticipation and sexual frustration.)


We were at the event enjoying the evening when

“it was time”.

Wifey had organized a taxi and would go to the meet up at a local bar for a quick drink.


Probably could have been more cautious however it all seemed safe and comfortable.

Wifey would go to meet up and both would message me when she arrived safely.


A few friends had come to ask


“where wifey had gone off to?”


I just said she was meeting up with another friend for a quick drink whom could not get into the event.


When in fact she was meeting some person we had organized and if all worked out he maybe lucky enough to get one of her amazing blowjobs.

I received a message from wifey and our gent she had arrived.


After about 20 mins I then received a text


“hey man if it’s ok we are just going to head to my place your wife is in safe hands”.


I replied “sounds good”.


I then received a text from wifey


“He seems totally genuine we haven’t done anything YET and I feel safe I’ve sent you the address of where I am at message you soon”.


Wow this is actually happening.


So many thoughts and emotions are going through my head.


The anticipation was killing me.


After an hour I received a message


“I’m done just waiting for a taxi”.


I also received another message at the same time


“Damn she is hot and ready for you man” .


He then filled me in on the details of what took place.

Reading what another guy has just done with your wife at your consent hits different.


He mentioned


“we had only just got through the door at my apartment when she asked

where is the room I will suck your cock in?”.


I for one know when she is horny she gets assertive so he obviously ticked all the boxes for her.


I later found out from wifey she did in fact give this lucky guy one of her amazing blowjobs.


Where she deep throats your entire shaft and uses the tip of her tongue to lick your balls

coupled with gagging and sloppy sucking sounds.


I was filled in by more details from this lucky fella he mentioned

He came hard and fast all over her tits and some on her face.


She returned to the event as if nothing had happened and went about having an amazingly awesome night.


She whispered to me

“He ate my pussy for like half an hour”


I was in need of some much needed relief how given where we were there was no reclaiming for a little while just simply walking around with a hard on all night.


I still find it interestingly funny when I see pics with our friends from that evening .


Underneath her top she had cum on her tits and bra and only moments before was swallowing some guys cock and here she is getting a photo with some of our friends and some well known celebrities whom had attended the event.


That was our first of many hotwife experiences