M43 F36

Our first FFM

March 10 2023

My good lady had previously had a 3sum with her friend. I personally had never had the chance.

We discussed it a few times and eventually decided to ask her friend over for drinks and see what happened from there.

Drinks were flowing in the afternoon and as things moved on a few suggestive/flirtatious remarks were made by us all.

Late afternoon I was getting ready to pop out for an hour and leave the girls to catch up and chat. My wife decided to come into the room to offer a quick blow job.

As I lay back enjoying it her friend opened the door laughing asking what we were doing.

C jumped up and stopped laughing at being caught.

I popped out for an hour and on my return both females were certainly in a jovial mood.

C making quite a few comments and prompting her friend to show me her pierced nipples etc.

Her friend asked for a top of mines to relax in and when I took her upstairs to get one she teasingly pressed against me as I gave her one to wear.

As the night went on C and her friend were having fun and her friend moved sofas beside me pretending to be upset by C. I suggested they should make up. C made her way over and kissed her friend. Making me extremely hard.

At this c whispered in my ear she was going upstairs to freshen up.

As c went up her friend lay her head down next to my bulging cock. Oh I see u liked that she said before straddling me and rubbing my cock.

At this C walked back into the room lay down on the sofa. I told her friend she should see to claire while I get some drinks.

On my return her friend had undressed her and was sucking on her hard nipples working her way down to C,s clit.

Licking and gently rubbing her as I watched. Playing with my cock.

Her friend ushered me closer before moving to my cock and sucking it.

I was blown away and couldn’t believe my luck. C had me sit down on the chair and got her friend to go on her knees sucking me while C moved behind her fingering her wet pussy.

Her friend was moaning loudly, slurping/deep throating me. Gagging as she groaned before letting out a squeal as she came. At this she lay on the floor as I started to fuck C on the sofa.

Once recovered she joined us for more fun. Dying to be involved and have the attention on her.

We proceeded to move to the bedroom where we continued the fun. Lots of juices flowing, everyone enjoying each other. Her friend was wild which c already knew. I couldn’t believe my luck.

My first FFM was great fun and left me wanting more and more.