Online friend

December 10 2019

You send your new "online" friend your number, even though you know you shouldn't. You send him some pics and he loves them. He can't get enough of you! He tells you how hot you are and how hard he is. You ask for some pics back. He's fucking ripped with a MASSIVE and attractive cock. You can see he's less than a km away...

You ask him his address and he literally lives round the corner. You decide to walk around there. He greets you at the door in nothing but jeans... His abs are glistening in the moonlight and his pecs look rock solid. You walk inside and he realizes you're only wearing a white top, denim skirt and wedges....

He closes the door and as you turn around he wraps his arms around you, lifts you up to his level and kisses you deeply. You feel yourself get instantly wet. You've had a few drinks, so you're already tingling. Before you know it he's laid you down on a comfy couch, undone his jeans and is sliding his massive cock inside you.

You gasp loudly and sexily as it goes in. He starts to move in and out.

It feels so good but you think you might burst from his size. He waits a minute for your body to adjust to it and then slides in even more. It goes so deep that you almost cum from that one thrust.

He starts pounding you and it doesn't take long for you to cum all over his cock. He stops and pulls out. He goes down on you and slides his fingers in at the same time. He's so good at it. You're so turned on. As you get close to cumming from him eating you, he starts flicking his fingers up inside you. You feel it building... You try to hold off but you can't. You moan loudly and squirm as you cum, inside and out. Squirting on his hand.

He stands you up and bends you over the couch. He moves his thumb around all your wetness and then he slides his cock inside you. Once again you gasp... But you love it! Because he's so big he can pound you deep enough and still have room to stand you up so he can grab your tits. You feel your pussy muscles tighten around his huge cock.

You can feel every ripple and every inch of him. You cum with a massive gush... But not once... Again and again... Harder and harder.

You can tell he's super turned on because his cock is now pulsating inside you. Getting even bigger as he now fucks you hard doggy style. You cum again, this time making your legs buckle.

You tell him to cum on your back and so he pulls out, and glides his hand up and down his shaft until he has unloaded all over you.

You walk home and jump in the shower.... You come into the room satisfied but also craving more... You can't help yourself, you want more so you start rubbing one out...


  • welfedunlovd

    27 Jan 2020

    Oh fuck a word cop

  • sayyessasha

    25 Jan 2020

    Great Story. I’ve had encounters exactly like this. Left me wanting more and so horny for days

  • MzTracey

    24 Jan 2020

    That’s really hot Miss I’d definitely love to have a night or weekend with you girl xx

  • Devourist

    24 Jan 2020

    Commas bro...Use them more..