One of the best sex on my life (Real story)

January 04 2023

Based on true events. I'll share more over time.


It all started with Jess. She was about 5'6 and the most attractive kind of girl, she was charismatic. She seemed to be the girl everyone wanted to be friends with and knew all the places to be. When I met Jess, I was 21 and she was 19. Jess had been flirting with me subtly over the past few months, but I didn't pick up on it (don't ask, I was nerdy then) until there were obvious hints and then it all started to make sense. I told her I couldn't sleep with her because she had a long-distance bf and I didn't want to be like a friend who was a homewrecker. She said she would never sleep with someone like me and not to worry. Secretly I masturbated thinking about her.

About five months down the line, I invited Jess to a concert at a music festival later that summer. After leaving the concert, we went to a bar, and she soon started to get a little drunk, but I was driving so I couldn't. When we left, we got in my SUV and the next thing I knew she had gotten over to the driver's side sitting in my lap. She towered over me, pushed my seat back and started pulling my pants down. I kept telling her no but she kept going and eventually she pulled my cock out and shoved it up her cunt raw. It was the most slippery pussy I had ever seen as my big fat cock just slipped in. As soon as she started fucking me, it was over. My body gave me away and she felt so fucking good. Her pussy was the tightest for my thick and hung cock I've ever had. I had never felt myself get so horny before. All I could think about was how good her pussy felt. And I wanted every bit of her. We switched to the passenger side and she started riding me like it was the only thing she wanted to do forever. Pumping up and down and up and down telling me to make me cum. I had never ever said that to anyone during sex. When I got close, I told her I wanted her to swallow my cum. I wanted her to look in my eyes while I pumped my cum straight into her throat. She took my cock in her mouth and started thrusting until I burst into her throat. She said that my cum was sweet and she swallowed every single bit of it. That night we drove to another bar and fucked in the parking lot again.

It was exhilarating fucking Jess in my car. Jess and I met up 2 more times after that, fucking in my car over and over again. And once, we had the window down a little (you know summer here) and two guys walked by just watching her ride me and we did not care. I finally knew what a good fuck was. On that last time we met up and fucked all night, it was 4 am when I lost control and burst my cum in her.


She moved overseas and confessed before leaving that she had a crush on me since the day she saw me and always wanted to do what we did.


  • luna9191

    02 Feb 2023

    All I can think about now is sucking your cock