One Thing Just Leads to Another part2

August 30 2018

One Thing Just Leads to Another Please read the first instalment before part 2

“Mmmmmmm, that’s so good”, groaned Julie as my hands spread the oil further across her back and shoulders. Her skin was soft and smooth. There was a hint of a tan to her English-Rose complexion.

“You certainly have a beautiful body”, I said admiringly. “Do you go to a salon during the winter?”

“Not usually. This is probably just left over from the summer. I went crazy with visits to the beach when I first arrived in Australia a few years ago but now I try to not overdo things. It’s just too easy for me to burn. It’s not a pretty sight.”

We continued the small talk while my fingers worked deeper into the tissue. She lifted her head and turn it towards me. Her muscles were firm but not pronounced. Once or twice I found a tender spot and worked it for a while, beginning gently and then with more firmness and vigour as the muscle unknotted under my hands.

I positioned myself at her head and ran my fingers down the full length of her back. My groin leaned against her and I realised, with some satisfaction, that my semi hard cock was pressing lightly against the tip of her nose.

She seemed to be totally relaxed and fully enjoying the moment so I decided this was the time to up the ante.

“Perhaps its time I took off these jeans. I’d rather not get any oil on them.”

Eagerly she agreed and I quickly draped a large blue towel across her glistening back, then I removed my shoes, sock and jeans and placed them neatly across the corner of the nearby couch.

I had purposely ensured that my underwear was revealing without the garish look of showing too much all at once. I wanted to seduce her slowly and with care. The briefs were small and satin smooth. Even by bikini brief standards they were tight and hugging. It seemed as though every vein along my thickening cock was now visible through the sheer material.

I moved back to the table and re-positioned myself by her face. The tip of her nose tickled my plump, veiny bulge. I was sure that she could smell the meaty sexual aroma. I gently removed the towel before continuing. My hands again rubbed down the full length her back until they found the mounds of her arse cheeks. As I drew them back, I let them slide down her sides, allowing them to tenderly caress the sensitive sides of her breasts. Julie moaned, her voice deep and sultry.

I repeated the long sensuous strokes about a dozen times to her low, moaning accompaniment and then moved to her legs. While I was placing a rolled towel beneath Julie’s left foot, a voice suddenly reminded me that we weren’t alone.

“Hey, I think Julie was really enjoying that, judging by her moans.”, said Robert through the phone’s speaker. “I bet she’s hoping for much more.”

“I’m happy to give her as much as she can handle.”, I said cheekily.

“Good”, said Robert. “She’s usually a very, greedy girl, so you may be in for a long and tiring evening.” I heard the chuckle in his voice and then the phone was quiet again.

I began on her left calf muscle and soon discovered more tender knotted areas. I set to work to release the tension whilst working my way slowly ‘northward’. I moved along her outer thigh, forcing my thumbs deeper into her flesh. When I reached the crease below her gorgeously round bottom, I ran a finger tantalisingly along it towards her crotch, only to veer away and begin again at the back of her knee.

Julie’s breath was more pronounced now. Her chest rose and fell deeply and I moved around to the other leg. The fingers of her right hand twitched in anticipation when I leaned my body against the table. I knew she could feel the warmth of my hip and the silkiness of my briefs.

I revelled in the thought that I was expertly teasing this very sexy woman.

Again I began at the calf muscle and worked my way up her outer thigh. I spread more oil across the right butt cheek and then massaged it along the crease beneath. Thisd time I let my fingers delve deeper into shadowy crack. I felt her pucker involuntarily as the tips of my fingers trace their way deeper, hesitating a split second against her moist cunt lips before continuing down her inner thigh.

“Is that okay, I ventured.” I wasn’t surprised by her reply.

“Mmmmmmm… definitely okay. I’d go as far as deliciously okay.”

I could sense that now she was teasing me. She knew my game and was enjoying it to the full.

I repeated my upward move stopping at her arse cheeks to knead them heavily. The flesh trampled and stretched by my firm hands, looked warmer and redder in the candle light of the room.

“I wonder what else might be okay?”, I mused aloud.

There was a slight pause as my fingers slid again over her right arse cheek and disappeared down the crevice of her groin.

“I think anything would be okay right at this moment.” Julie’s voice was full of lust and she moaned deeply while my finger tips repeatedly grazed her simmering, moist lips.

“Good girl, I whispered and grabbed another pre-rolled towel.

“Lift up your bottom, please.”

She immediately and obediently did so and I slid the towel under her hips.

“Perhaps madam would enjoy my special massage. The one I keep for my most valued clients.” The cheekiness in my voice was unmistakable. I sounded every bit the beach masseur boy.

“Yes, Go right ahead. I definitely want the full treatment.” I laughed inwardly at her horny tourist persona.

I took her upturned thighs and parted them till her knees were close to the edge of the table. The pants she wore were tiny and thong like. There was just enough material to show plenty of flesh without actually expose her lips. Instead they bulged beneath, in parallel.

I tantalisingly traced the forefingers of each hand from the back of her knees and up her inner thighs. The further they went, the greater the warmth. By the time I had reached the skin separating her uppermost inner thigh and the tiny strip of cloth, the temperature was positively steamy. Was it my imagination or was that damp spot growing moment by moment across the material.

My thumbs replaced the fingers and with a greater firmness I pressed and drove them upwards and into the groove of her arse. They pushed past her tight hole and came to a stop at her coccyx.

I realised that julie had been holding her breath during the entire stroke and now released it in a long gutteral moan which came from deep inside her.

“Oh God, Please more. More.”

I began again at her knees and pushed up between her thighs. She pushed back against my thumbs when they found her cunt lips again. I pulled my hands away a little, to tease her more, and then began yet again. This time I slid both hands under her. The towel pressing me urgently against her body-weight. Together we crushed her mound and ground her clit sensuously into her pubic bone.

Possessed with her passion, Julie pushed down even harder and shuddered uncontrollably.

“Christ”, she finally moaned, “I never come that quickly. You have amazing hands.” Her breathing was almost back to normal.

“Ready for round two, I enquired.” I was feeling confident and ever more male now. I had taken her to her first orgasm of the evening and I was eager to give her all she desired.