Not so home alone 😈

March 12 2023

So here I was last night thought I had the house to myself room mate was out on the town(Female). I was home alone enjoying a few red wines relaxing.


It was about 11am nearly 2 bottles in I had felt a little frisky so here I am sitting in the lounge room butt naked with a throbbing hard erection having a cheeky play.


My roommate comes back in with her friend(female) whilst I sit there butt naked with a huge erection, They both laugh and come sit beside me and her friend let’s call her “Ana” starts to rub my thigh whilst staring at my room mate.


We end up all making out whilst Ana has her hand wrapped around my hard cock she then decides to straddle me as my room mate holds my cock for her to sit on, As I stretch deep inside of ana she lets off the hottest moan as my room mate now takes her panties off and lifts her small skirt up and begins to rub her tight little pink pussy.


As Ana’s cum drips down my cock past my balls I than lay and down and bend my room mate over so she can lick the remanding cum from her pussy.. As I slide deep into my roommate I can feel how tight she is as she throbs around my thick cock.


Definitely a fun night I’ll let your imagination finish of the rest like I finished it off deep inside my roommate 😈