Nice afternoon with lady met online

October 23 2023

One good afternoon I was online just browsing. When I come across one friend’s friend requesting me to know if she a get number for my friend? Conversation started and just become sort of friend. After three days , sent hi to her and to my surprise , got reply back. We kept chatting to each other for month. And decided to exchange the number. She was married and have two kids but not getting satisfied from husband. Whenever kids not around we started talking over the phone. And she open up about her marriage life and husband not getting interest and all.


I offered her to meet up for coffee, which she happily agreed for. We met in cafe and spend hour talking to each other. Time pass and we open up to each other bit more and I passed some sexy comment on video call when she was wearing low cut shirt and she didn’t mind and seen her in very sort dress and admired her beauty. She called one afternoon and said her work finished early today and if I am free then can meet up for coffee. Which I agreed and when we went to cafe she accidentally dropped coffee on her shirt.


I said to her my house was near by she can get clean as she needs to pick up kids. She agreed, we reached home and my heart it’s were so up. She went to bathroom and clear her shirt and covered her self with my towel and asked me where is iron to dry her shirt. It was in my bedroom so she followed. She started ironing her shift and I can see her black bra from corner while she was moving her hand. I was so hard looking that. She noticed me looking at her but kept doing what she was doing.


Suddenly, towel slept off and she was in her bra and skirt in front of me. I picked up towel from the floor and put it on for her. I dared and put my hands around her shoulders and hugged her. She was shouting but next moment kissed her on her lips and lip locked and she started giving me kiss back. My hands were behind her and slowly I moved my hand to her ass and grabbed her tight. I opened her bra hook and removed bra. Now her big boobs were in my hands and I was enjoying that. Slowly started sucking on her neck and reached to her boobs and started sucking them hard. Wow that was really nice. I removed all my cloths and got naked in front of her.


Kept on kissing and sucking her boobs and slowly insert my hand in her skirt. She initially tried to take my hand out but when I touched her undies it was wet like anything. I moved her undies and insert my two finger inside and she moaned like anything. Kept on fingering and started licking her . She was enjoying. Slowing I removed her skirt and underwear. And put my dick on her entrance and just pushed it in missionary position. I was riding hard and she moaned fuck me hard I am about to come. I made her to change to doggy and started stocking very hard, she came. I continue in doggy when I said to her , I am about to come , she said to me come inside as she is taking pills so nothing to worry. I did come inside and hugger her for another 10 minutes. She checked the time. Got to shower had shower together. Went to pick up kids to school. It was great afternoon .



  • Imup69

    28 Oct 2023

    Ummm lucky dude, but can I write your next story, man your English is poor! Glad you got to cum in her!

  • funcris

    28 Oct 2023

    Love this. Wish I had the confidence.