M34 F36

Naughty wife

July 29 2023



Me and the wife were out drinking at the local. After having a few too many and flirting with each other and some others we got home and she went to put on her sexy blue lingerie. Se came out wearing it with high heels and her chrome but plug. I’m on the couch wearing just my jocks.

Looking absolutely sexy, I ask if she wants someone else tonight?

Yes!! She exclaimed.

She mentioned she was flirting with a guy a few weeks ago and got his number. Apparently he was gorgeous tall and Hanson and very fit.

She takes a sexy selfie and sends it to him on Snapchat. He instantly replies with a OMG!!!

She calls him and asks him to come over and fuck her brains out.

Be there in 20 he said.

In 20min I hear the knock on the door from the bedroom where I was only allowed to listen.

Later she told me that she kissed him hello passionately and deeply

She led him to the couch and instantly began sucking his cock.

From the bedroom I heard her slurping and sucking for a while followed by hard slaps, I knew then she was getting fucked and ass spanked.

Later on she told me that the condoms were too small and his cold was massive. About 9in and thick as a coke can! She was so frustrated that the condoms kept breaking that she just tore it off and fucked him raw. She was so horny and dying for his cock!

After a while of me listening to her cum again and again I heard the front door close. She came into the bedroom to find me rock hard and edging.

She sat on my face and told me everything that it’s happened while I ate her well fucked and loose pussy. Looking up I could still see his cum all over her big tits

Her telling me she fucked his big cock raw sent me crazy and I ate her slutty pussy like a mad man making her cum again

We finished the night with her sucking me off with his cum all over her re telling me how good it was and how she loved it.

Needless to say I didn’t say long

Something I still remember and jerk off to all the time.

Hopefully she meets him again! maybe a creampie??