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My wife and I have our first experience whilst on Holidays

October 23 2023


Bit of backstop to us:

We're both 30 years old Aussies, been married for 5 years and together for a few more. We're both attractive even after 2 kids lol

My wife has known about my mfm fantasy for a few years now but for a number of reasons like living in a small town, her nervesnous and having kids, we havnt had a chance to really act on it. We've role played and she has danced and flirted with guys when we get the chance to go out in the big city kid free but that was it.. until recently...


2 weeks ago we went on a holiday to a totally different state with a heap of other friends, completely kid free! My wife had mentioned that if we were ever going to try it, this holiday would be our chance. She was still a bit shy and very nervous (as was i)..


I decided I would jump on some dating sites and see if I could find a suitable partner. Obviously I was flooded with messages and even sorted through them for a few potentials.


The first night we were on holidays we got stuck into the cocktails by the pool and ended up going out to a nightclub with our friends.. we were both pretty tipsy and were enjoying dancing and drinking. My wife during the night would sneak away and dance a little with a fee guys which totally turned me on, especially because our friends were in the same club.


It hot to about 1am and everyone decided to leave so we walked out and started heading back to the hotel when my wife and I dropped back and she started telling me she had met a guy and danced and flirted with him quite a bit.. I didn't actually notice this in the club but it got me really excited. By this time our friends had gotten way ahead of us and we had lost them. She told me she had his number and that we should call him and go to his house! I was completely shocked, didn't know if I was dreaming!


5 minutes later she had called him and he was picking us up in his car. I was just about shaking.. I got in the back seat and her in the front.. we exchanged a few nervous hellos and introduced me. He was super friendly and really calmed my nerves by being very normal - good pick from my wife!


We got back to his house and chatted some more, standing a bit awkwardly at the kitchen bench.. my wife looked at me as if to day, are you sure? And I was like yep.. then she walked Dover to him and they started kissing.. passionately. I was rock hard instantly. We had never really talked about rules or anything but I'd assumed she wouldn't want kissing to be involved but they were really going for it right in front of me. His hands started exploring my wife's body and ass over her dress as they kept kissing while I watched. I decided to move over and pull her summer dress off downwards, she giggled as I removed it.. she wasn't wearing a bra or panties so now she's standing nude in this guys kitchen. I can see he loves what he sees and she suggests going to the bedroom.


From there she lays on her back on the bed and spreads her legs. He undressed down to his boxers.. I can see his cock bulging and it looks alot bigger than mine! He gets between her legs and starts eating her pussy. I stand next to the bed and watch as my wife has her first intense orgasm for the night.


He stands up and grabs a condom, asks us if we're both sure about this (this guy was super chill and an amazing first time for us) we both say yes and he slowly enters her.. her face and sounds are amazing.. his cock is atleast 2 inches bigger than mine and thicker and curved upwards like a banana.. it was obviously hitting the right spots..I moved in and kissed her as he fucked her and she came loudly again not long after.


He asked her how she likes to be fucked usually and she almost yelled "doggy sttle"


She rolled over and he entered her from behind.. she was moaning and grunting in pleasure this was so bloody hot to watch. He grabbed her hair and wrapped it around his hand as he fucked her harder and harder until they both came at the same time.. orgasm number 3..


They're olled onto the bed and we all chatted for a little bit about how amazing that was, how much we enjoyed it and how were so surprised a random guy from a nightclub could offer us probably the best first time experience we could of hoped for..


  • Fellowenthusiast

    09 Nov 2023

    Sounds like a great experience for everyone! If you’re ever looking for similar again to what you described I’m 1:30 east of Perth🤟🏻

  • Imup69

    31 Oct 2023

    Hmm she sounds hot as fuck!!

  • Wickhamcpl

    26 Oct 2023

    Yes very much a cuck than a mfm but hot

  • BBCdomdaddy

    26 Oct 2023

    Very sexy! glad u two had fun

  • Cuplelookin4

    26 Oct 2023

    🥵 story

  • smoothly

    25 Oct 2023

    Great read - spontaneous play meets are so much fun! I’d loved to have been the lucky man

  • asianboss

    25 Oct 2023

    Wow that's a steamy encounter for sure, glad you guys have had an awesome first time.

  • icanhost

    25 Oct 2023

    That’s a damn sexy encounter. A real turn on for me just reading it Well written 🍷

  • peter196921

    25 Oct 2023

    Very nice, and glad it worked out for you both, ☺️

  • FitCouplexxx

    25 Oct 2023

    Awesome story

  • Mctag9

    25 Oct 2023

    Love that you had an awesome first experience, hopefully the first of many!! 😋😋 My first experience was similar and I've loved group play since!! 😋😋